David Cooper

David Cooper portrait

Hi, everyone! My name is David Cooper, and I’m a personal trainer and boxing coach currently living in Bennington, Vermont, and serving the greater Southern Vermont area. Although boxing is obviously my favorite sport, I’m also interested in other martial arts and gymnastics, and many of my clients are athletes in these types of sports. I first became interested in CBD at the behest of a client, but it has become a personal passion since then, and I now regularly integrate its use into my professional work.

My approach to personal training, to CBD, and all other areas of my life is based on the premise that every individual has different needs. There are no one-size-fits-all answers in life, but there are tools that can be applied in different ways to help just about any individual. My friends, family, and clients all appreciate this approach, and I have been told that my perspective makes me an excellent listener and advisor on many topics.

Professional Experience and Interests

Fairly early on in my career as a trainer, a client asked me about CBD. They had recently been injured and needed rehabilitation-focused training, and they were curious about using CBD therapy as part of their recovery. I wasn’t very familiar with CBD at the time, and I felt a little uncertain about it, so I consulted some of my colleagues — other trainers, coaches, and physical therapists. It turned out that many of them had used CBD to supplement their work with clients in the past, and I got a lot of advice from them about how to implement it. I also spent a long time studying the current literature on CBD use.

Today, I am considered one of the region’s experts on fitness and CBD, and I often recommend the appropriate use of CBD therapy to my clients. Some people come to me after an injury, when they need a specific type of training and treatment that will help them strengthen the injured area; other people develop chronic problems like arthritis or tendinitis, and need assistance managing the effects of the condition on their body; still others want to proactively manage the aches and pains associated with excessive physical activity before they experience anything more severe. Each of these cases requires a different solution, based on a wide knowledge base on the topic of CBD.


The goal of my professional work has always been to help people look after their own bodies, by working with them directly and giving them the tools to continue the process themselves. I believe that an understanding of the uses of CBD is critical in this process.