Dror Robinson

Dror Robinson portrait.

Hello, everyone. My name is Dror Robinson, and I’m a former hemp farmer from New York. I now remotely advise and oversee some aspects of the hemp farm I previously cultivated. I’m also an amateur pianist, and I spend as much time as possible practicing and playing. I produced a short album of original works from home during COVID lockdowns.

Although COVID certainly brought more harm than good, I think it’s important to look for the silver linings. For me, there were several opportunities presented by the pandemic that I would never have found otherwise. I have been able to focus on my projects, and I’ve been able to share my knowledge of hemp and CBD with others in a way that I never could when I was deeply involved in the practical work of farming.

Professional Experience and Interests

When I started working on the hemp farm, I didn’t know or care much about cannabis. I just needed a job, and a friend of mine who worked on the farm recommended me. However, I fell in love with the work quickly, and the owners of the small farm took an interest in helping me advance.

I worked my way up through the farm until I was the resident authority on all cultivation matters. I did a lot of hands-on work on the farm while also overseeing the other farmers at lower levels. I continued in this position as the farm expanded.

Unfortunately, when COVID became a real issue in the United States, I had to step away from the practical side of the job for personal and family reasons. The farm valued me too much to let me leave completely, so they asked that I stay on and consult remotely as much as I was able to.

I found that I missed the work and needed to fill that space in my life with something, so I started writing about hemp and CBD, which allowed me to share my years of knowledge and expertise with others.


Although it was an unexpected turn for my career, I find that remote consulting and writing allow me to reach more individuals than I ever could in the fields. I hope to provide unique views and insights on CBD through my writing.