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CBD and Xanax

CBD And Xanax.

As you may already know, Xanax is a prescription medication designed to treat anxiety. How does this relate to CBD oil? Well, CBD oil also has similar effects, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the two substances interact well together. In fact, combining CBD and Xanax together is generally not something that is recommended by doctors. The reason for this is because the combination can have different side effects in different individuals, and these side effects are not always too pleasant.

So, before we continue, we’d like to stress that the cocktail of CBD and Xanax should be avoided, for reasons we’ve discussed below.

CBD and Xanax — What You Need to Know

CBD And Xanax Pills.

These two substances, while similar, are very different. For starters, CBD oil can be purchased over the counter in many nations. Xanax, on the other hand, is a prescription medication due to its potent effects on most individuals. So in a sense, it is good that you cannot just go out and buy CBD and Xanax from a local store and then take them together - which isn’t something you should be doing anyway!

Let’s put some specifics forward to settle this topic right now.

Potential Impact on The Liver

According to medical reports, CBD oil, in high doses can start to affect the function of the liver. For that reason, it is never recommended that people take more than the suggested dose, regardless of the chosen CBD oil and its potency. However, Xanax is a drug that can indeed affect the liver in a negative way. That’s also why doctors recommend that you avoid any form of alcohol when taking Xanax. So as you can probably imagine, it is better to stay away from the combination of CBD and Xanax for the purposes of liver health.

CBD Oil And Xanax.

Even if you are taking a supplement that protects the liver such as milk thistle, you should still avoid the combination.

Tiredness Or Sleepiness

It’s worth noting that both of these substances are designed to reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, and put you in a state of calm. Now, Xanax is far more potent than CBD oil, which is why it is a prescription-only medication. However, CBD oil is an OTC product, which makes it widely available. With this said, Xanax can indeed make you sleepy, whereas CBD oil only has a slight chance of tiredness, and it depends on the individual.

But since there is a chance of a double-headed interaction here in the sense of making you sleepy or tired, it’s better to just simply avoid the risk altogether. This is particularly true if you work in jobs that require high alert levels such as driving, lifting/operating heavy machinery, and other professions.

Speed Of Cognitive Function

CBD Oil Bottle Near Hemp.

The final point we’d like to raise is an interesting one, and medical studies are still ongoing. As you can see, the speed of cognitive function is another connection between CBD and Xanax which needs mentioning. Xanax, while it calms the mind, can mean that your thought speed is a little slower than before. CBD oil doesn’t have quite as extreme effects, but again, it depends on the individual. But one thing is for certain, if you are taking two substances that work to settle the mind, it can hinder the mind’s ability to think quickly and make logical decisions.

Of course, this can impact a whole range of areas in your life.


We hope that the information shown above helps you to understand why CBD and Xanax isn’t a cocktail you want to be taking. But at the same time, taking one or the other is perfectly fine - it’s just not advisable to take them together. Now, Xanax is a prescription drug, whereas CBD oil is something that anyone can purchase and benefit from. That’s why we’d like to point you towards our CBD oil reviews. These reviews will help you to make the most informed choice if you want to start enjoying the benefits of CBD oil today.


Can you take CBD with Xanax?

In a word, no. You should not be looking to combine CBD and Xanax together. As we’ve detailed throughout, the risks of impaired cognitive functions, liver damage, and excessive tiredness are just too great, which is why it’s better to avoid this cocktail altogether. To avoid confusion, however, you can take one over the other if necessary.

Can I combine CBD hemp oil with Xanax for anxiety?

Again, the answer is no. Even if you are taking Xanax for anxiety, which is the main reason for taking the drug, to begin with, you should not then be supplementing your dosage with anything extra. This includes products such as CBD oil, and it definitely involves other prescription drugs that might be sitting in the cabinet.

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