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CBD Oil for Hair Loss

CBD products for hair loss.

It’s high time for the world to use cannabis for various pharmaceutical purposes. As legalization continues to spread across the US, the stigma around the consumption of marijuana has drastically reduced. There’s been a positive change in people's attitudes as more and more of them are inclining to buy and use weed-based products.

2 Best CBD Oils for Hair Loss in 2024

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Diamond CBD Affirming Body & Hair Oil.
Diamond CBD Affirming Body & Hair Oil
Key facts: With 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD
Total CBD: 1000 mg
Weight: 60 ml
Strength: 16.67 mg/ml
Ingredients: Full spectrum industrial hemp cannabidiol (cbd), organic jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil, rosehip (rosa canina) oil
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Diamond CBD Affirming Hair Oil.
Diamond Hair Oil
Key facts: ith 500mg of full-spectrum CBD
Total CBD: 500 mg
Weight: 60 ml
Strength: 8.33 mg/ml
Ingredients: Full spectrum industrial hemp cannabidiol (cbd), organic jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil, rosehip (rosa canina) oil
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CBD has been doing rounds in the market for treating pain, anxiety, and other ailments. Do you know that it’s now considered to be a secret ingredient to healthy hair? Evidence suggests that cannabis is packed with nutrients, which fight hair thinning and promote healthier and thicker locks. CBD oil for hair loss is something that you need to keep your eyes on, ladies! Let’s explore the benefits of CBD and its connection with hair.

What Causes Hair Thinning?

Honestly, hair loss can be the worst experience of your life. Seeing strands of hair falling while you comb each time is worse than heartbreak. Hair thinning or baldness affects almost everyone and the causes vary from one individual to another. Here’re a few possible reasons:

  • Family history - Hair loss can be hereditary and it aggravates with age, which is often referred to as androgenic alopecia. It happens slowing causing receding hairline in men and thinning of hair around the crown in women.
  • Changes in hormones - Hormonal changes due to the thyroid, childbirth, pregnancy, and menopause lead to temporary or permanent loss of hair.
  • Medications - Certain drugs, especially those used for heart ailments, cancer, gout, arthritis, blood pressure, and depression can cause hair to fall out.
  • Stress - This is one of the factors that can result in hair thinning in both men and women.

Using CBD for Hair loss

Losing a bunch of strands is very unfortunate. You might be losing hair because of stress or other underlying conditions. Fortunately, CBD oil for hair can prevent hair loss by stimulating hair growth and treating the scalp.

On applying cannabis-infused oil on your scalp, it boosts the flow of blood. It delivers the right nutrients to the hair follicles, reduces the presence of harmful toxins on the scalp, suppresses inflammation, and gives a healthier environment for hair to grow. The oil reaches the sebaceous glands, which further lubricates hair follicles, enriching healthier growth.

You can also ingest cannabis oil for hair loss to calm your mind and alleviate anxiety. A good night’s sleep can reduce half of your stress and troubles. Often, a high level of cortisol is linked to baldness, and ingesting CBD oil can minimize the production of cortisol. You can also go through our reviews to know more about it.

CBD Hair Products.

How CBD Controls Hair Loss?

  • It encourages growth - Hair fall becomes an issue when the hair does not grow back at a similar rate as its falling. Several factors impede the growth rate, such as dandruff, lack of nutrients, chemical deposits, and more. If you’re dreaming to have a beautiful mane, adding CBD hair products to your hair care routine can help. CBD oil has the goodness of omega fatty acids that nurtures hair cuticles, soothes the dry scalp, and locks the moisture. Moreover, it also encourages blood circulation near the hair follicles that strengthens the hair. You can find some of the finest CBD oil for hair loss in our top product list.
  • It treats the scalp - CBD is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes your scalp and reduces inflammation or any other diseases. Skin conditions like, eczema, flaky patches, itching can affect the growth rate. In severe cases, this can lead to premature baldness. The cannabidiol interacts with the scalp’s cannabinoid receptors and regulates the working of the body’s immune system. Hemp oil for hair loss also influences the production of natural sebum in the scalp, reducing fungal infections. It further cleanses the scalp from toxins that settle in from hair spray, hair color, and conditioner.
  • It cures stress and hormonal induced baldness - Do you know that hair thinning can also be induced by hormonal fluctuations and stress? Nursing or pregnant women or women undergoing menopause witness dramatic imbalance in their hormonal levels. DHT is a hormone that causes receding hairline and baldness. When external treatments fail, you can go for CBD for hair loss. Cannabidiol interacts with receptors and aids in bringing hormonal balance in the body. Similarly, it works on the stress level too as that has hampers overall hair growth. To know more, go through our review section.
  • It prevents hair breakage - Exposure to sun rays and pollution damages your supple skin and gorgeous curls. Your hair loses luster with time and starts falling out. Besides, poor lifestyle, styling tools, and low-quality hair products- all cause a deep impact on the health of your locks. The best solution is to get a CBD treatment for hair loss because it strengthens hair follicles and repairs damaged hair. Soon, your locks will get back the lost charm and appear smooth and silky. The nutrients and antioxidants in cannabidiol safeguard the hair from losing moisture.

Interested to buy one? Our top product list displays the best CBD oil for hair loss.

What’s Present in CBD Oil for Hair Growth?

CBD oil contains a 3:1 ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. It also comprises gamma-linolenic acid, oleic acid, and stearidonic acid, which are polyunsaturated fatty acids, in smaller amounts. If you use a tablespoon of weed oil, you will get 1.5gms of unsaturated fat, 14gms of fat, and 12.5gms of polyunsaturated fat.

Vitamin E, phospholipids, carotene, chlorophyll, phytosterols are other essential elements present. Minerals like, zinc, iron, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium are also found in cannabis-infused oil. Check our reviews to know more!

CBD Treatment for Hair Loss.

More choices available

Products You Must Try

Here’s the truth. Don’t be fooled if you see hair products contain cannabis plants on the label because this necessarily doesn’t mean the bottle contains pure extracts of CBD. A lot of CBD hair products have only hemp seed oil that only provides nourishment to the tresses but doesn't contain anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants like that of cannabidiol. CBD oil is sourced from the leaves and flowers of marijuana, hence is more powerful and offers immense benefits. Here’s a rundown of CBD hair products that you can purchase.

  • CBD shampoos - Besides cannabidiol, these shampoos are infused with natural fruit extracts and essential oils, which are highly effective to treat dry scalp and stimulate hair growth. As these are free of sulfate and paraben, your locks appear healthier and attractive.
  • CBD conditioner - Cannabis conditioner seals moisture and water in the hair, making it look shinier. You no longer have to worry about hair breakage and thinning when you are out in the sun.
  • CBD hair serum - It strengths brittle hair, gives a smooth texture, and makes hair manageable. It contains the goodness of rich Argan oil and flower extracts, which intensely hydrates the hair and prevents pesky split ends.

Final Thoughts

You can undoubtedly say that CBD oil is a secret weapon that can fight different hair problems, including thinning, breakage, and baldness. From moisturizing your mane to promoting healthy growth and maintaining a toxin-free scalp, cannabis oil benefits for hair is huge. As legalization continues, weed products are also becoming widely accessible to people.

So, ladies and men, instead of spending dollars on external treatments and hair care medications to get voluminous and wavy locks, buy CBD hair products. On using it daily, you not only save your hair from falling but also add an extra ‘oomph’ to your curls.

For any doubts, you can go through our review section and check the feedback. You won’t regret buying one!

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