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CBD Tea Bags

CBD Tea Bags.

Many people, even those who use a variety of products for CBD treatment, don’t think of tea bags as a typical option, but CBD and tea are really a perfect match! After all, both are well-known natural remedies for both physical and mental ailments, and they are especially hailed for their relaxing or calming effects. If you’re not sure how to effectively combine the two as part of your routine, you’ve come to the right place! We have put together a list of the top ten CBD tea bags, as well as some critical information about what’s on the market now and how to use it all.

Below is the list of our top 10 tables.

10 Best CBD Tea Bags in 2024

Products Information Price
CBD Infused Organic Yerba Mate Tea Blends.
CBD Infused Organic Yerba Mate Tea Blends
Directions: Add 1-2 Teaspoons Of Tea To 8 Ounces Of Boiling Temperature Water.
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Organic Gunpowder Green Tea with CBD Flower.
Organic Gunpowder Green Tea with CBD Flower
Directions: Add 1-2 Teaspoons Of Tea To 8 Ounces Of Boiling Temperature Water.
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Choosing CBD Tea Bags

You probably know about the wide variety of teas that are available, and you may know something about their health benefits, but that’s another story - and another article! For now, let’s talk about the bags themselves, and address some differences you might not have thought of.

  • String-and-tag - This is probably the most classic tea bag, and it’s what most people think of when they hear “tea”. It’s composed of a flat-ish, square or rectangular filter paper bag which is attached by a string to a paper tag, which usually has the company name or logo or the name of the tea. The tag hangs on the outside of the cup while the tea is brewing, allowing for easy removal of the bag afterwards.
  • Pillow - These are similar to the square bags used with strings and tags, but they don’t have anything attached. They are called pillow bags because they appear to inflate, and look like a pillow, when put in a cup of hot water. Since they have no string by which to be pulled out of the cup, they float on the top of the tea and are easily scooped out with a spoon when you want to remove them.
  • Individually wrapped - Some tea bags are loose in the box they come in, but others are individually wrapped in paper or plastic envelopes. This helps to keep them fresh longer and extend the shelf-life, so if you want to have CBD tea bags in the house but aren’t sure how often you will use them, this could be the way to go. Of course, they do produce more waste than bags that aren’t individually wrapped, so if that bothers you, the decision may take a little thought.
  • Pyramid - A somewhat new trend in tea bags, pyramid bags offer some different features from what standard bags have. They are generally larger, and they are undeniably three-dimensional, so they have space for more tea and larger leaves. The extra space also means that the tea can move around more during brewing than they can in a flat bag. Pyramid bags are made with a different material, which is more porous and more durable than regular filter paper. This allows the tea to brew faster and makes the bags less likely to tear during transit or if you bring them with you while travelling.
  • Empty - Just like many other CBD edibles and drinks, CBD tea bags are something you can make yourself. With empty bags, you can add your tea or teas of choice, along with CBD powder or whatever form you prefer to use to get custom CBD tea bags. If you find a combination you like and think you want to stick with, you can even prep a bunch of bags with that recipe in advance and always have one ready to go at a moment’s notice.
Cannabis Tea Bags.

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Both the tea and the bags containing it have benefits, and we think it’s worth hearing about both, but let’s start with that you probably know already. CBD tea, through the combined effects of the two main components, can help you manage:

  • Pain;
  • Inflammation;
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Insomnia.

Although, if you are struggling with these or other health problems, you should talk to your doctor about starting a new treatment, even one consumed through tea.

Tea bags, in particular, have their own benefits, as well. A few of the things that tea bags have over other types of tea are:

  • Tidiness - The infusers and strainers that you have to use when brewing loose-leaf or whole-leaf tea can be awkward to manage, and it’s easy to end up making a mess. With the neat, pre-packaged portions that tea bags offer, tidiness is never an issue.
  • Convenience - Learning to use tea infusers or strainers, as well as the actual process of brewing loose- or whole-leaf tea and cleaning the tools and dishes, can be an inconvenience, or even a stressor, which is exactly what you want to avoid when using CBD treatment. Tea bags remove all the hassle of making tea, so you can have it ready quickly and start to relax sooner.
  • Versatility - Tea bags offer the option to easily make cold brewed or iced tea, which is a bit trickier to figure out with other methods. In warmer months, or if you prefer cold beverages over hot ones in general, tea bags will probably make your life much easier.

Using CBD Tea Bags

Although the act of removing and throwing out the tea bags after use may depend a bit on the type, the general idea is the same: you boil water, pour it over the tea bag, steep it for a few minutes, and enjoy! Then, you will probably use the string or a spoon to take the tea bag out when you’re done with it.

Premade CBD tea bags will have a dosage decided by the manufacturer, but if you’re making your own, that will be a decision you have to make. It’s better to start with less and adjust your recipe up if you need to than to add too much CBD, and make sure you’re keeping your doctor appraised of the situation.

Tea Bags with CBD.


Fortunately, there aren’t many health concerns associated with CBD use or with drinking tea, so you don’t have much to worry about. Your doctor should let you know if there are potential medication interactions or other things to consider. Aside from that, you really just want to be sure that the company producing the CBD tea bags is trustworthy. If you’re concerned about that, you can always refer to our top ten list to find brands we’ve reviewed and determined to be reliable.


Tea bags offer a uniquely convenient and relaxing way to get the benefits of CBD, in the form of a beverage you may already enjoy daily. Although there are many options, selecting one is mainly up to your personal preference. Check in with your doctor and the reputation of the company you’re considering buying from, and you’re on the way to being a calmer, pain-free you!


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