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What is Delta-8 CBD? Benefits, Dosage & Safety

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Nowadays, there’s so much scientific research supporting the life-changing benefits CBD can hold. It’s also incredibly affordable and a good investment towards your health, saving you potential monthly and yearly hospital bills from accumulating.

In particular, CBD can help you with your sleep, appetite regulation, digestion, relaxation, pain relief, and more. But, in today’s market, there are just so many options to choose from that you might be a little overwhelmed.

One type of CBD that is proving popular and beneficial across the world is Delta-8 CBD. To help show you just how great it is, today we’re going to uncover everything you need to know about it.

What is Delta-8 CBD?

Delta-8 is one cannabinoid out of one hundred others that comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. In particular, it tends to come from manufactured hemp cannabidiol; it’s not really found in large amounts in the cannabis plant. Delta-8 has gained a lot of popularity because it’s known to have neuroprotective properties. It does have similar effects to Delta-9, but this is a less potent cannabinoid.

Effects of Delta-8

If you plan on taking Delta-8, you might experience a range of benefits. Just like Delta-9, it serves as a psychoactive and tends to produce a mild high, reduce your stress and anxiety levels and allow for a deeper appreciation of life. When consumed, Delta-8 tends to bind to a CB1 receptor allowing you to feel psychological benefits reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

Some of the benefits of Delta-8 CBD are subjective; however, there’s a lot of scientific research supporting this CBD, and more benefits are being uncovered as we speak. The benefits are:

  • Reduces pain and inflammation: Delta-8 has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe your body against pain. Depending on the dosage you take, it can help reduce your acute pain and chronic inflammation. In addition to this, it also protects you from severe headaches and muscle pains as it has analgesic properties.
  • Betters your brain function: Sometimes this can have neurogenic properties as it increases your neurotransmitter levels known as acetylcholine in your brain. This neurotransmitter helps with member retention, therefore reducing your chances of cognitive decline. It’s also known to regulate your potassium and calcium levels in your central nervous system, bettering your brain health.
  • Reduces the risk of nausea and vomiting: The THC in Delta-8 inhibits vomiting and relieves nausea. This is because it has antiemetic properties causing you to feel more stable and less sick from taking it. Due to this benefit, it’s been prescribed as a treatment to stop nausea and vomiting in children who have undergone chemotherapy.
  • Encourages a better sleep: Animal studies have shown that Delta-8 can increase REM sleep and allow you to sleep longer. This is because Delta-8 can bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system regulating your heart rate, breathing, and mental activity while you sleep.
  • Make you feel more relaxed: Research shows that Delta-8 can have anxiety-reducing effects due to the mellow feeling it produces. Many users of Delta-8 have highlighted that it allows you to feel more focused and alert.
  • Regulate appetite: Unlike the munchy and hunger pangs marijuana provides, Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is known to stimulate your appetite. In particular, it’s known to help with the way your body absorbs nutrients and makes you feel less full. For this reason, it’s commonly prescribed to people with eating disorders and cancer patients who suffer from a low appetite.

Delta-8 CBD Products

Just like other CBD products, Delta-8 comes in a variety of forms to choose from. There’s no best way to take it; it can all be completely subjective based on the reason you’re taking it, how you take it and how long you want it to be effective. Delta-8 can be taken:

  1. Swallowing or chewing. One of the most popular methods of taking Delta-8 is through ingesting it. Many manufacturers formulate it into Delta-8 gummies, Delta-8 edibles, and soft gel capsules. If you’re not a fan of the taste of hemp or don’t like to consume anything bitter, then gummies might be for you. Delta-8 gummies have different flavors, and they take around 2-3 hours upon consumption to start being effective.
  2. Vape. Delta-8 vape tends to be the fastest method of taking it. This method works because the Delta-8 vape juice is heated in the cartridge and then turned into a vapor. Then the vapor goes into your bloodstream, passes through your lungs, and acts quickly. On the contrary, though, Delta-8 only lasts 2-3 hours after being taken by vape.
  3. Sublingual. Sublingual forms of Delta-8 CBD involve you dropping oil onto or underneath your tongue. Usually, sublingual types are through a Delta-8 tincture, and your body reacts to them quite quickly. On average, they take around 15-60 minutes to have an effect, lasting for several hours afterward.


Unlike other drugs, Delta-8 CBD is not something you can overdose on. However, you should still be cautious of the dosage you take. When looking to buy it, you will find there are different strengths according to the form of Delta-8.

For example, if you’re taking it through the vape, you might find one cartridge with a suggested dosage of 800-950mg, whereas a gummy can have 25-30mg. If you’re new to taking it, you should begin with a low dose and slowly adjust over time according to your tolerance.

Safety of Delta-8

Generally, Delta-8 CBD is safe to take; however, it’s not fully approved by the federal government as it’s synthetically made. This means there are many Delta-8 products sold without being state regulated or licensed.

On the contrary, though, there are many companies that use safe, hygiene, and premium techniques to extract it. A lot of which don’t use dangerous solvents, high heat, and harmful chemicals. These companies who are transparent in their production will produce lab tests to show their purity. Therefore we recommend you take your time looking at the products certificates and reviews before buying.

Side effects

Like any other form of CBD, Delta-8 can have side effects based on the person taking it. Delta-8 is known sometimes to cause minor side effects:

  • Dry eyes: Sometimes, Delta-8 can leave your eyes dry, making you rub them more to get more moisture in them.
  • Dry mouth: Delta-8 can impact enzymes on your salivary glands causing you to have cottonmouth. Many users of Delta-8 tend to drink a lot of water to avoid this.
  • Inability to concentrate: Consider when you’re taking Delta-8, as it’s known to make you feel more relaxed. Taking it in your working day might disturb your concentration and reduce your productivity levels.

In addition to this, some users can sometimes experience side effects such as low blood pressure, anxiety, confusion, slow heart rate, fast heart rate, and more. If you experience any of the above side effects, you should stop taking them and consult your doctor immediately.


If you’re planning on taking Delta-8, speak to a doctor first if you’re taking the following:

  • Blood thinners
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Thyroid medication
  • Epileptic medication

Delta-8 might inhibit the effectiveness of the above medications when taken, so always speak to a doctor first.


Overall, Delta-8 CBD is a highly effective product to take if you want to regulate your sleep, better your brain function, feel more relaxed, reduce the likelihood of feeling nauseous and vomiting.

You can choose to take it in various ways, from vaping, ingesting it, or through a sublingual form. All of these methods have different benefits and can last for different periods depending on the dose. If you’re new to Delta-8 CBD, it’s always best to start on a low dose and then gradually progress over time. Remember to consult your physician first if you experience any side effects or are on any lifelong medications.


How long does Delta-8 stay in your system?

Generally, you can find that Delta-8 THC can linger in your bloodstream or urine from 2-30 days. Many variables can influence this that can shorten or lengthen the period it stays in your system. Plus, it also depends on the test you take; for example, hair follicle tests can detect Delta THC for up to 90 days.

Is Delta-8 safe?

Delta-8 has not been regulated or approved by the FDA. Therefore, it’s not subjected to licenses or regulations governed by the American government. However, many manufacturers have good practices, so look out for certificates showing third-party lab tests.

Will Delta-8 make you fail a drug test?

Delta-8 could likely show up in a drug test as it is a type of THC. Usually, though, drug tests look for Delta-9, and it also depends on how your body reacts to the cannabinoids. But most of the time, it’s best to avoid taking Delta-8 before any upcoming drug test.

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