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Liposomal CBD

Liposomal CBD.

There are many different ways that you can take in CBD from gummies, to tinctures, oils, vaping, and drinking CBD water. However, what you may not know about is how CBD delivery and absorption of the substance can be affected by how the substance is packaged. In this article, we will discuss liposomal CBD and what impact this has on the uptake of the chemical in your body. Read on to learn more about liposomal CBD.

What Does Liposomal Mean?

Liposomal refers to liposomes. You probably are wondering “What is meant by liposomes?” These are small spherical objects that consist of fatty molecules that are known as phospholipids. Phospholipids are the same molecules one finds making up the cell membranes of living organisms.

Phospholipids are molecules made of phosphate heads and lipid tails. Lipid is just another word that means fat, and you probably already know this, but fats repel water, but phospholipids have a phosphate part that does not repel water. This specific molecular structure of phospholipids enables them to automatically arrange into sac-like structures, here known as liposomes.

Liposomal CBD gummies.

Benefits of Liposomal Delivery Systems

The unique structure of liposomes means that it is a useful way to deliver therapeutic drugs. The fats that comprise the liposomes are also easy for the body to absorb, which means it facilitates drug uptake and delivery into the bloodstream of the body.

This is why scientists have spent a lot of time investigating better drug delivery systems. The development of a liposomal delivery system has meant that drugs are easily packaged and more readily absorbed in the body. Bioavailability is a crucial factor in the delivery of drugs and has been a challenge in the drug manufacturing industry for some time now. It is a waste and makes drugs less effective when they are not absorbed properly or only small amounts are taken up in the gut.

Liposomes help because they improve the bioavailability of substances, so the absorption is increased in the digestive system. The CBD industry has taken advantage of the usefulness of liposomes to create CBD that is liposomal, as in the CBD is contained in a liposome.

The Benefit of Liposomal Delivery of CBD

A big benefit of liposomal CBD is that of improved bioavailability. In fact, it is believed that CBD uptake is increased by as much as 50% when taken into the body in liposomal form.

Finding a way to better the bioavailability of CBD is important because it is often a problem when people take in CBD as edibles. Vaping has the advantage of increased bioavailability compared with other forms of intake, but not everybody wants to vape.

Since liposomal CBD can deliver more of the substance it is a benefit because:

  • It means that a lower dose can be more effective since greater amounts of the beneficial cannabinoids are reaching the bloodstream and being transported to the brain cells where they can bind to receptors.
  • The better bioavailability of CBD means you can potentially save money in the long run because a more bioavailable substance will have a greater effect at a lower dose.

A further advantage is that liposomes are also believed to be safe. In other words, a liposomal delivery system of CBD is unlikely to have a negative effect or cause any harm to the body. There are many types of CBD around that you can use, including Sol CBD liposomal products. Besides CBD oil using a liposome delivery system, there is also hemp oil that can be delivered in the same way.

What is Liposomal Hemp Oil?

Liposomal hemp oil is similar to CBD oil because it is also extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant, but the parts of the plant used in the process are different.

  • Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis plant.
  • CBD oil is extracted from the other parts of the Cannabis sativa, namely from the buds, leaves, and stems of the plant.

Hemp and Cannabis are the same species of plant but what is classified as hemp is a plant that has a lower concentration of THC, namely less than 0.03%. Many people use hemp oil so finding a way to make this more bioavailable is a tremendous advantage.

Hemp oil, like CBD oil, can be packaged in liposomes for improved delivery and bioavailability. Now that you know the answer to “What’s liposomal hemp oil?”, you may be curious as to why it is popular.

Liposomal Hemp Oil Benefits

Hemp oil is popular for use by people who suffer from pain and chronic inflammation since the substance does help to relieve such symptoms. The presence of other substances in the seeds used to extract hemp oil include Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA).

The GLA also helps with inflammation in the body since it has anti-inflammatory properties. This is beneficial because inflammation is a factor that has been implicated in many different types of chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.


CBD and hemp oil in liposomal form have the benefit of increased bioavailability so you can expect your body to be able to absorb more of the substance in each case. I hope this article was informative and very helpful to you. Be sure to carefully read our best CBD reviews to find out what particular products are available and which of these will best fit your budget and taste.

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