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Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

CBD and drug test.

CBD products are popping up everywhere. Whether you use oils or vapes, this substance has a large range of benefits and can help calm your anxiety levels too. One question that many CBD users ask is “Does CBD show up on a drug test?”, as CBD is associated with THC.

Though CBD is legal on a federal level, some CBD oils may indicate THC presence. When employers conduct drug tests, this is usually the chemical they’re looking for. However, the answer to the question about CBD drug tests isn’t always clear.

If you want to learn more about how CBD affects a drug test, keep reading!

What is CBD?

Before we jump into how a CBD drug test works, we’ll quickly recap what CBD is. CBD is also known as Cannabidiol, one of the active compounds found in a Cannabis plant. This shouldn’t be confused with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), another active compound that has psychoactive properties. THC is the compound that causes users to get “high”, so this is what employers look for on any CBD urine drug test.

CBD extracts are used in a range of products because of the compound’s beneficial properties. Some users report positive results when using CBD. These include getting better sleep, fewer migraines, less anxiety, pain reduction, and it can also help those with ADHD focus more.

CBD Oil Bottle What Contains THC.

How Do You Take CBD?

There is a large range of ways to take CBD, many of them are common and some of the most popular methods include relaxing oils or gummies.

CBD comes in a range of types including:

  • Oil/tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Powders (for food and drink)
  • Capsules
  • Gels or creams
  • Sublingual sprays
  • Vapor
  • Transdermal patches.

Will CBD Show on A Drug Test?

While there’s no definite guarantee your CBD drug test will always be negative, it’s unlikely that CBD use will show a CBD positive drug test. This is because drug tests search for the THC compound, and within most CBD products there’s only ever 0.3% of THC included. This percentage is so low that it should be impossible for an employer to see this on a CBD urine drug test.

Not All Tests Are Designed the Same

If you’ve used CBD and are worried about a drug test, bear in mind that it’s uncommon for a CBD positive drug test. However, if you fail a drug test, you may want to stop any CBD usage in the future, despite the compound’s beneficial effects.

Urine tests are the most common form of drug testing. Luckily, CBD isn’t detected in your urine for long, meaning if your CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC, they will be out of your system very quickly.

Drug Test Strip.

It’s also important to note that drug tests are often designed differently and give different results. If you want to use CBD products frequently, try to work out what kind of drug test your employer uses. The most common is a CBD urine drug test, however, you can also find tests that include blood, hair, and saliva too. The saliva and blood tests try to detect THC usage up to 36 hours after use. The hair test can detect THC up to 90 days after usage.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

For most users, the CBD compound will stay in your system for approximately a week. The levels are so low after a week has passed that they’re almost undetectable. Of course, factors like metabolism and the amount taken will affect the results too. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any CBD products for a week leading up to a drug test.

The Quick Facts

  • Drug tests were not designed to look for the CBD compound.
  • It’s very unlikely that CBD usage will cause you to test positive for the THC compound.
  • Some CBD oil or full-spectrum hemp oils can cause users to test positive for THC.

The Takeaway

CBD Oil Bottle And Cannabis.

CBD drug tests can be worrying, however, it’s important to know that these tests are searching for the THC compound — not CBD. Always be aware of what compounds are in the products you’re using. It can also be helpful to learn about the CBD urine drug test you’re taking too.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about drug tests and CBD usage! To learn more read some of our other CBD reviews and educational blogs too. Let us know what your favorite CBD products are in the comments!


Can CBD oil make you fail a drug test?

Some CBD oil products do contain trace amounts of THC, so it’s important to know exactly what’s in the oil you’re using. Most products are THC-free though, so they should not show a CBD positive drug test result. CBD also moves out of your system pretty quickly, meaning if your drug test is a while after you last used a CBD oil you should pass the test.

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