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CBD Oil in Arizona

CBD Oil Bottle And Arizona Flag.

CBD oil in Arizona has a short but eventful history. At first, CBD in Arizona was illegal. So was every form of hemp or marijuana.

However, in 2010, that changed with the passing of Proposition 203 (otherwise called the Medical Marijuana Bill). Proposition 203 allowed for the use and manufacture of marijuana, including CBD and CBD oil made from marijuana.

Then in 2018, the United States Farm Bill was passed. The Bill allowed people to cultivate, produce and manufacture hemp. Thus, CBD and CBD oil made from hemp became permissible.

In essence, Arizona CBD laws have made CBD oil in this state legal.

Why Is CBD Oil So Popular?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a substance derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Because CBD comes from cannabis, people often think CBD is a psychotropic substance. However, the psychotropic substance in cannabis is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the substance that gets a person 'high', not CBD.

CBD instead interacts with neuroreceptors in your body, sending signals between your cells to help regulate your mood, homeostasis, and immune system. Pain relief is the most popular reason for using CBD.

CBD oil is made by mixing extracted CBD with a carrier oil, usually hemp seed oil. Thus, CBD oil contains everything CBD contains. CBD oil reportedly alleviates pain, helps people deal with anxiety and depression, and may even alleviate specific cancer-related symptoms.

Also, studies have shown that using CBD oil that contains no THC has no side effects. What's more, it still has all the benefits.

CBD oil may not be a wonder substance, but it comes close.

Hemp CBD Oil Bottle In Arizona.

As said earlier, CBD oil in Arizona is legal. The laws legalizing CBD laws in Arizona are:

First, the Arizona state legislature passed the Medical Marijuana Bill, officially called Proposition 203. Proposition 203 allowed people to buy and use marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

Using marijuana for medicinal purposes included using THC (a substance in marijuana), among many substances. CBD is also a substance in marijuana. Its products, including CBD oil, are used for therapeutic purposes. Hence it is covered in this law.

The law meant that people could legally sell and buy CBD oil in Arizona made from marijuana.

In 2018, the United States Congress passed the United States Farm Bill. It legalized the cultivation of hemp and the production of hemp-based CBD products in all 50 states in the United States.

This Bill was a federal bill, so states still had to make their personalized versions of this law. Arizona made the SB 1098 law. The law made it legal to produce industrial hemp and CBD products. The SB 1098 made hemp CBD oil legal in Arizona.

Since CBD products in Arizona is legal, it is easy to find places to buy CBD oil of high quality. Also, CBD oil sales in Arizona totaled up to $134 million in 2019, so you are in good company.

Medicinal Purposes Using CBD Oil In Arizona.

How To Buy CBD Oil in Arizona

Since there are not a lot of restrictions on CBD products in Arizona, shops can freely sell CBD. In a lot of these shops, you can buy CBD oil too. You can purchase CBD oil from:

  • Local Stores. In many neighborhoods, it is easy buying CBD locally in Arizona. For example, there are stores in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tucson, and Sun City. These stores are usually specialty stores that sell CBD products made from locally grown hemp plants. The only drawback is that you need to be sure these stores are trusted and licensed before buying CBD locally in Arizona.
  • Vape Stores. CBD oil could also come in vape products because it is used for vaping. Hence, you can buy CBD oil locally in Arizona from vape stores.
  • Online Stores. The world is online, and so is CBD oil. Many stores online sell high-quality CBD oil, and you can buy CBD oil online in Arizona and get it delivered to you. Again, be sure of the quality before you buy CBD oil online in Arizona.


CBD oil is in Arizona is legal, and you can easily buy CBD oil locally and online in Arizona. However, you must be sure that it is sourced from legally grown hemp and extracted from sterilized seeds. In short, it should meet all the legal requirements for safety.


Is CBD Oil in Arizona Legal?

Yes, CBD oil in Arizona is legal. Hence, you can buy CBD oil in Arizona without breaking any laws.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Arizona?

You can buy CBD oil locally or online in Arizona. You can also buy it at vape stores.

Can Doctors Prescribe CBD Oil in Arizona?

Yes. Medical marijuana patients can buy cannabis products containing CBD and THC, including CBD oil, at licensed dispensaries. For these people, a doctor must prescribe it for them.

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