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CBD and Pregnancy

CBD and Pregnancy.

The use of CBD oil is extremely popular, and as CBD has become legal and available in more places over the last three years, this popularity has only increased. Although it is a safe and natural treatment, many women wonder if anything changes during pregnancy. After all, some products and activities that may be fine on a regular basis become questionable during pregnancy. In this article, we’ll clear up the questions about CBD and pregnancy so that you don’t have to worry.

CBD and Pregnancy Symptoms

CBD is used for a wide variety of ailments, because it improves symptoms that are present in virtually every type of injury, illness, or psychological issue. The improvements offered by CBD treatment include:

  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved brain function
  • Improved mood
  • Fewer seizures in people with epilepsy

All of these improvements, and more, can be extremely useful to pregnant women. Pregnancy can bring on a lot of negative symptoms, but over-the-counter or prescription drugs that might be used to treat those symptoms are often not advised during pregnancy. This is why many women want to know if they can use CBD during pregnancy, to treat their symptoms naturally.

CBD pregnant woman.

Is CBD Safe for Pregnancy?

Even though CBD is a natural, well-tolerated treatment, there are some doubts about whether it is safe to use during pregnancy. Often, this skepticism comes from the fact that people confuse the two types of cannabis plants: hemp and marijuana. Marijuana is often used as a recreational drug, thanks to the psychoactive chemical THC. Hemp, which CBD is extracted from, is not psychoactive, and it is not used as a recreational drug. That said, CBD is not necessarily safe during pregnancy just because it doesn’t come from marijuana. There are lots of other potential complications that can occur besides psychoactive effects, and the truth is, CBD hasn’t been studied in human pregnancy enough for any definitive statements to be made about it. Because of this, the FDA chooses to err on the side of caution, and they advise that pregnant women do not use CBD products.

Benefits of CBD in Pregnancy

For some women, the uncertainty around CBD and pregnancy is worth it to improve their pregnancy symptoms. Despite its potential risks, CBD can offer a lot of benefits that are useful for pregnancy symptoms like:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • Joint pain
  • Sleeping issues
  • Digestive issues

Because CBD reduces inflammation and pain, and may improve sleep, gastrointestinal function, and brain function, it has the potential to relieve many of the most common negative effects experienced during pregnancy. However, many experts say that it is not worth it when the risks are unknown. When more data is available regarding CBD in pregnancy, this opinion may eventually change.

CBD for Pregnancy Pain

CBD is known to reduce inflammation and pain, two symptoms which often go hand in hand and are experienced by the majority of mothers at some point during pregnancy. Headaches, stomach pain, joint pain, and other pain- or inflammation-based ailments can be improved with CBD. Unfortunately, due to a lack of supporting evidence, it is not recommended to treat these symptoms with CBD during pregnancy. If you feel strongly about using CBD during your pregnancy anyway, we recommend discussing it with your doctor to find the best option that is likely to be the safest for your pregnancy.


CBD can be a great treatment for many physical ailments, but right now, it is not suggested as a treatment for pregnancy pain and symptoms. We hope that you have a better understanding of the current data available about this topic after reading this article. For your other CBD product needs, you can always use our product reviews to find the best, safest, and most affordable CBD options on the market.


Is CBD oil safe during pregnancy?

It is unknown whether CBD oil is safe to use during pregnancy. CBD oil has only been thoroughly studied for use in humans relatively recently, and there is hesitation about testing its effects on pregnant women and human fetuses. This means that the majority of the evidence currently available is anecdotal, and this type of evidence is not reliable. The FDA advises against using CBD during pregnancy until its safety is proven.

What is the best CBD during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to use CBD during pregnancy, due to the unclear effects of this treatment. However, the best CBD products for other uses can be found in our CBD product reviews, which are thoroughly reviewed and regularly updated to help you find the best options for your needs.

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