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CBD Oil Pennsylvania: Is CBD Legal In Pennsylvania?

CBD Oil In Pennsylvania.

CBD’s rising popularity across the nation brings up the question of whether or not it’s legal to possess and consume.

CBD derived from hemp is legal to own and consume in Pennsylvania without a doctor’s prescription. Buying CBD products with higher levels of THC will require a medical marijuana card. Some hemp CBD vendors may require you to be at least 21 years old.

Below, we’ll look at the specific legalities of CBD hemp oil and marijuana CBD hemp oil Pennsylvania products.

In Pennsylvania, the general public is legally able to buy CBD products derived from hemp that are compliant with federal law.

If you’re looking to purchase a CBD product derived from marijuana and has higher amounts of THC, then you’ll need to have a medical marijuana card.

To get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, you need to first speak with a licensed medical marijuana doctor to get approved. Recreational CBD from marijuana is currently illegal that’s punishable as a misdemeanor with a potential fine ($500) and jail time (one year).

Pennsylvania CBD Laws Governor Tom Wolf passed Senate Bill 3 in 2016 to establish a medical marijuana program for patients with qualifying conditions that allowed legal access to CBD.

When the 2018 Farm Bill came into effect at the federal level, CBD extracted from hemp also became legal nationwide if there was less than 0.3% THC.

You’re legally allowed to possess as much hemp CBD, however, if your CBD is technically marijuana, due to the higher amounts of THC, you’re only allowed to have up to a 30-day supply.

Legal CBD Oil In Pensylvania.

Does CBD Oil Show Up on Drug Test in Pennsylvania?

Full-spectrum CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC and have a slight potential to show up on a routine drug screen. If you’re concerned about failing a drug test, but still want to take CBD, you can take either broad spectrum or isolate CBD products.

Broad-spectrum CBD has a wide range of cannabinoids and other whole plant compounds, while also having the THC molecule completely removed. CBD isolate is the safest option for those who want to be extra cautious.

Is There any Age Limit on CBD Products in Pennsylvania?

Depending on the store you’re purchasing from, you can either be 18 or 21 years old to buy. Without identification, some stores might refuse to sell CBD to anyone below 21.

However, most online CBD stores won’t ask you to verify your age to purchase federally compliant CBD from hemp.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes, CBD hemp oil is legal in Pennsylvania if it’s compliant with federal law.

In order to get access to federally legal CBD hemp in Pennsylvania, you must purchase a product with low amounts of THC.

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Can You Buy CBD Oil in Pennsylvania?

CBD from hemp is available locally in vape shops, pharmacies, health food stores, and online. Qualified patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation can purchase marijuana-derived CBD with higher THC levels from a medical marijuana dispensary.

Buy CBD Online Pennsylvania

One of the easiest methods of buying hemp CBD is from an online supplier.

Many online CBD shops offer quality CBD with lab reports verifying its quality and safety.

Buy CBD Locally Pennsylvania

Most local smoke shops, health food grocery stores, wellness centers, shops specializing in CBD only, and gas stations are starting to offer hemp CBD products. Due to the rise in demand for CBD, more local shops are starting to offer CBD products.

CBD Stores in Philadelphia

  1. Trulieve Philadelphia
  2. Vapordelphia
  3. Vapor Hut

CBD Stores in Pittsburgh

  1. Vapor Galleria Vape & CBD Shop
  2. One Dollar Hemp
  3. Keystone Vapors South Side
  4. Smoke Wizard

CBD Stores in Harrisburg

  1. Harrisburg Smoke and Vape Shop
  2. Harrisburg Smoke Shop

CBD Stores in Erie

  1. 710 Glass & Vapor
  2. Smoke shop
  3. Farmulated CBD
  4. Ozzys
  5. Your CBD Store - Erie, PA

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Can Doctors Prescribe CBD Oil in Pennsylvania

You’ll need a doctor’s prescription to obtain CBD oil derived from marijuana with higher levels of THC above what federal law allows. The only current FDA-approved CBD oil prescription your unlicensed medical marijuana doctor can prescribe you is Epidiolex. A licensed doctor can prescribe you medical marijuana for qualifying conditions.


Is CBD Legal In Pennsylvania?

Yes. CBD oil is legal in Pennsylvania if it’s compliant with federal law. Federal law states you can’t have any more than 0.3% THC in the final product. A medical marijuana card is required for CBD with higher levels of THC.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Hemp CBD is legal in Pennsylvania if the lab results verify that there’s under 0.3% THC. Any more THC will require a doctor’s prescription for a medical marijuana card for you to purchase at a dispensary.

Can You Buy CBD Oil in Pennsylvania?

CBD products are sold in many local locations in Pennsylvania, including online shipping from companies around the world. A few areas to find CBD locally include head and vape shops, health food stores, CBD-only stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and more.

Can Doctors Prescribe CBD Oil in Pennsylvania?

Yes. A licensed medical marijuana doctor can prescribe your CBD oil with more THC for certain qualifying conditions.

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