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Does CBD Make You Hungry?

CBD And Appetite.

You likely have heard rumors about some of the effects of taking CBD. One popular rumor is that CBD makes you hungry. You may be wondering if there is any truth to this rumor.

It turns out that CBD sometimes does appear to increase appetite, but only for some people, and this varies a lot! Let`s check it out!

CBD and Appetite

Hunger is one of the possible side effects of taking CBD, but not everyone will experience it. The increased appetite (if it occurs) may be a good thing for some people who need to eat more. In other cases, people have reported feeling less hungry so it is hard to know if CBD will make you hungry or not.

CBD And Toast.

Why Does CBD Sometimes Make People Hungry?

CBD is a type of chemical that affects the nerve cells in your brain and how they work. These particular chemicals affect your brain in a fascinating way!

The CBD acts as a messenger chemical, attaching to specific molecules on the nerves in your brain. When the CBD attaches it then brings about certain responses. One of the responses may be a change in appetite as a side effect, with people either experiencing an increase or decrease in how hungry they are.

Why CBD Effects May Vary

CBD oil may directly or indirectly increase appetite. Consider someone who is anxious and who may eat because of anxiety. If CBD relaxes them then they may eat less and thus may not feel hungry.

Another person may have a different experience and may eat more when calm or because the CBD is helping to ease nausea they have.

CBD Oil and CBD Edibles

You may want to know does CBD oil makes you hungry or does CBD edibles make you hungry? CBD effects are variable and are also based on strength of the CBD.

  • For CBD edibles it may depend a lot on what else your edible is made of.
  • CBD gummies or other edibles can be loaded with sugar.

CBD Balm And Cookies.

Sugar is addictive and may make a person want to eat more regardless of the CBD content. We know that for some people, the more sugar they eat or drink, the more they crave.

In other words, your edibles may make you want to eat more if they are made with sugar. You can, however, find sugar-free gummies, which allow you to avoid consuming extra sugar.

We cannot predict if eating CBD edibles, or taking the CBD oil will make you hungry. It may even make you less hungry. There is evidence for CBD increasing appetite but for other people, it appears to decrease the person’s appetite.

Side Effects of CBD

It is always a good idea to know what the intended and unintended effects of taking something may be. CBD is considered safe and not usually problematic. Any unwanted effects of CBD tend to be minor.

Side effects off consuming CBD that have been recorded in some cases include the following:

  • Diarrhea and upset stomach
  • Dry feeling in your mouth
  • Tiredness and sleepiness
  • Increased or decreased appetite

You should be aware that side effects may increase depending on the strength of the CBD you are consuming. This is why it is smart to begin with a lower dosage and then work your way up if needed.

CBD Oil And A Plate Of Oatmeal.

If a higher dosage causes side effects, you can always choose a lower strength of CBD. You may be one of the people who has no side effects at all. Responses do vary from one person to another.

Effects of CBD When Taken with Other Medicine

It is a bad idea to take CBD at the same time as other medicine because it can interact in unexpected ways.

For instance, if taking CBD makes you tired and you also take a sleeping pill right after consuming CBD, the drowsiness effect may be stronger leading to too much exhaustion and sleepiness.

What is also important to realize is that if you take medicine with side effects like dry mouth or diarrhea and then you take CBD, simultaneously, that the side effect is increased. In some cases, CBD may have no noticeable impact on the side effects of other medicine.


I hope this article was helpful for you to read so you could learn about CBD and hunger and some of the side effects, you may have from consuming CBD. You should look at our best CBD reviews to see what best fits your specific tastes and preferred price range.

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