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CBD Oil for Pain

Man needs CBD oil for pain.

Pain is not fun. Having to deal with a persistent ache or discomfort is something that nobody should go through. Unfortunately, certain ailments and physical challenges cause most people to accept pain as a part of their everyday life. Others rely on prescription painkillers which often have adverse long-term effects on the body. This is why the need to rely on more natural remedies has become greater.

Recently, Cannabidiol (CBD) emerged as a great alternative to prescription painkillers and OTC meds. CBD oil, which is extracted from the cannabis plant, has been touted for its pain-killing and anti-inflammatory characteristics. In this article, we are going to discuss how CBD oil can be used for pain.

What is CBD Oil?

As we earlier stated, Cannabidiol or CBD is gotten from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Along with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, a principal constituent of cannabis, it is one of over 100 extracts from the plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not notorious for causing a feeling of highness. Instead, it has been proven to have several health benefits, including depression treatment, acne treatment, and pain relief. Various researches on CBD have proffered it to be a viable alternative to medications for people with chronic pains. Unlike meds such as opioids, which have side effects, CBD is more healthy.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Although more research is required to verify the benefits of Cannabidiol, some previously published reports propose that this substance helps with pain by interacting with the core components of the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors and your immune system. Depending on your condition, your doctor may prescribe this substance for pain treatment. Below, we will discuss potential ways in which CBD oil can be used for pain relief.

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain Relief

Some researches has shown that CBD oil can be beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain. It does this by interacting with receptors in your brain to create pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects that help manage the pain. As a result, CBD can be used by people who experience severe back pain or chronic pain in other areas of the body. A 2018 review showed that it worked effectively to combat neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia without causing any adverse side effects. The best part is that this is achieved without intoxication or dependence on CBD products.

CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain Treatment

Besides chronic pain relief, animal studies have shown that CBD oil can be used to combat arthritis thanks to its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers applied a gel containing CBD to rats with arthritis for 4 days. It was discovered to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints of the animals without apparent adverse effects. Also, humans who use CBD oil for arthritis may find its pain-relieving properties to be beneficial. Meanwhile, more findings are being carried out about CBD oil as an effective treatment for arthritis pain.

CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment

In addition to regular pain treatment, CBD oil has also been used by people with more severe conditions like cancer. Research that was carried out on mice proved that CBD could cause cancerous tumors to shrink. In the case of humans, however, the effect of CBD in managing cancer-related pain is what has been investigated. The National Cancer Institution indicated that CBD oil might help manage the side effects of chemotherapy, such as pain and vomiting. Various research on cancer-related pain shows that using THC-CBD extract sprays in conjunction with opioids was more effective for pain relief than the use of opioids alone.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

CBD oil has been proven to be effective in the treatment of Multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects most parts of the body by damaging connecting with the nerves and brain. One of the major symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis is muscle spasms. In people with severe conditions, these muscle spasms can be a source of constant pain. A study focused on the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids found that using CBD oil can reduce the level of multiple spasms that you feel when you suffer from multiple sclerosis. Although the effect was limited, most people who used CBD reported a reduction in MS symptoms.

Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Experts believe that CBD oil may also have beneficial effects in treating the pain associated with nerve damage — neuropathic pain. This type of pain is common among people that suffer from injuries such as herniated discs and shingles infection. In the last decade, the use of CBD and other selective cannabinoids for neuropathic pain treatment has grown. This treatment is believed to have inhibitory effects on pain responses. In a 2017 review where trials were carried out on 1,219 patients, it was discovered that CBD oil helped relieve chronic neuropathy pains.

CBD for Migraine Pain

There have been studies to check the effect of CBD in conjunction with THC to relieve migraine pain. One 2017 study published about this indicated that the combination of the two cannabinoids can reduce acute pain and lead to less intense pain for people who suffer from migraines. Participants who received the compound witnessed more than a 40% drop in migraine attacks. This study proves that cannabinoids treatment was slightly more effective in reducing the frequency of migraine attacks than amitriptyline which is commonly prescribed for this purpose. The same CBD-THC compound also provided pain relief for people with cluster headaches who had a migraine history.

Dosage of CBD Oil for Pain Treatment

Before deciding on the amount of CBD oil you should take, there is a range of factors to consider, such as body weight, the pain you intend to treat, body chemistry, and CBD concentration. It is advisable to talk to your doctor to be sure about the appropriate dosage and attached risk. A doctor’s recommendation is particularly important if you’re taking a prescription medication that contains cannabinoids. If you’re not working with a doctor’s prescription, it is best to start with a small dosage of CBD and gradually increase it. This can mean using about 30 mg daily in the first week. You can add 5 mg to that dosage weekly until you start to feel the effect.

It is advisable to keep track of how much Cannabidiol you’re using and note if the symptoms are getting better after each use. CBD oil is far easier to use because it comes in a dropper bottle. The bottle package usually states how much CBD is in a single drop. With this, you can determine how many drops you need to use.

However, in cases where only the total amount of CBD in the entire bottle is stated, you can calculate it using the bottle size and the total amount of CBD oil. Thankfully, multiple pieces of research have shown that the human body can tolerate as high as 1,500 mg of CBD in a day, so it is difficult to overdose on it. There are still concerns about the interaction of CBD with other medications. If you are currently on another medication and would like to try CBD, it is essential to consult your doctor. Some of the few known side effects of CBD are diarrhea, fatigue, and change in appetite.

Tips for Using CBD Oil for Pain Relief

If you’re new to using CBD for pain relief or to treat inflammation, you can follow these tips to ease you in:

  1. Use Sparingly: As stated earlier in the article, if you don’t have a dosage for CBD prescribed by your doctor, you should start with small amounts. It makes it easier to experiment and find the perfect quantity.
  2. Select dosage delivery method: There are several ways to take CBD oil. Some of the come methods of delivery including direct ingestion, oil-infused edibles, skin application, and tongue application.
  3. Get right strain: It is worth noting that not all CBD strains are the same. Some such as CBD Mango Haze and CBD ACDC are better suited to treat pains and inflammation.
  4. Get quality products: When going shopping for CBD oil, ensure that you purchase products from only trusted manufacturers. Ensure that the manufacturer adheres to quality standard and do research on the product.


Many studies have indicated the effectiveness of CBD for pain relief. If you’re a first-time user of Cannabidiol, you can make this article a guide to help you get the best out of it. If you found this article helpful, check out our best reviews to find products that suit your budget and taste.


Does CBD oil work for pain?

Although no CBD products have been registered under the FDA for pain, various researches show that CBD oil effectively relieves different types of pain.

How to take CBD oil for pain?

If you’re taking CBD oil for pain, it is wise to follow the doctor's recommended prescription. In the absence of a prescription, you can start with a small dosage and increase it until you feel the effect.

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