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CBD Terpenes

What are Terpenes CBD?

Terpenes is not a term that is limited to only CBD oil users. In fact, this is actually a fancy name that describes volatile molecules that people come across every day in their lives. Terpenes can be found in a wide range of plants including fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables. In particular, cannabis plants have an abundance of terpenes. With cannabinoids, they come in a kind of a bundle. But, do you know why terpenes are added to CBD oil or why they’re important at all? Continue reading to find out about terpenes CBD.

What are CBD Terpenes?

Terpenes are volatile compounds that are found in plants and they’re responsible for their amazing aromas. Every time you come across flowers or fresh fruits, you waffle terpenes. Simply put, you’re surrounded by terpenes.

In the world, there are varied types of terpenes present and more than 200 of them have been discovered in the cannabis plant. The same glands in the cannabis plant that make CBD are responsible for secreting terpenes. However, only a few of them are concentrated enough to be significant. Sometimes, brands add extra terpenes to CBD oil.

CBD oil with terpenes is preferred because of the added health benefits that they offer. Terpenes have various therapeutic applications and they are popular in aromatherapy due to their natural, holistic effects.

CBD-Hemp Terpenes.

Main Types

The most common types of terpenes in CBD oil are:

  • Limonene CBD terpene – This terpene is found in the zest of citrus fruits. This aromatic terpene occurs in the glands of the flower’s resin. Its scent is redolent of orange, lime and lemon. Limonene also has antifungal properties and is known to reduce inflammation, enhance mood and curb anxiety. When limonene is added to CBD oil, it enhances the absorption rate of other terpenes.
  • Myrcene CBD terpene – This is another common terpene associated with CBD. It has an earthy, pungent and herbal aroma. Its scent is quite similar to that of the cannabis flower. Even though it is one of the smallest CBD terpenes, it produced powerful relaxing effects on the body and makes one feel drowsy. As for the health benefits of myrcene, it has pain-relieving and antibacterial properties.
  • Linalool CBD terpene – This is also a common terpene found in cannabis. This is the molecule that produces a delicate and subtle aroma. This is abundantly found in chamomile and lavender. Usually, brands infuse CBD oil with linalool to achieve its wonderful smell. CBD terpenes oil with linalool is also known to aid in sleep and it has strong anti-anxiety effects.
  • Pinene CBD terpene – The pinene CBD terpene is found in pine needles and also in a few citrus fruits. Pinene has even been mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine due to its therapeutic qualities. It is widely used as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator. This particular type of terpene is secreted by the trichomes in the cannabis plant.
  • Humulene CBD terpene – Humulene is a common type of terpene found in hemp. It has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as an appetite suppressant. It has a powerful aroma of hops. Basil, cloves and coriander are other humulene-rich plants.
  • Caryophyllene CBD terpene – Caryophyllene CBD oil terpenes is one of the most promising among different types of terpenes that have been discovered. This also occurs naturally in cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. The presence of this terpene is what gives certain strains of cannabis a woody, spicy aroma. The ability of this terpene to interact with the endocannabinoid system in the same manner as other cannabinoids is its most intriguing trait. Furthermore, it produces anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Terpinolene CBD terpene – The woody and smoky aroma that cannabis plants exude come from the terpinolene CBD terpene. It is also found in rosemary and sage. This terpene is well-known for its antibacterial, antioxidant and mildly sedating properties. Studies and research have found that this terpene is responsible for depressing the central nervous system of an individual. Simply put, it makes one drowsy and decreases the levels of anxiety.

Are CBD Terpenes and Terpenoids the Same?

When looking to find information about CBD terpenes, you might come across ‘terpenoids’. You may find them being used interchangeably, but they’re not the same. They’re different in their molecular structure. Terpenoids are formed when the cannabis flower is dried and cured. On the other hand, terpenes are the living, fresh version of terpenoids.

Terpenoids are used for their scents, but on the outside of cannabis. Terpenes are infused into various ingredients to create perfumes, spices and even essential oils. Furthermore, terpenes change, lower or increase the intensity and duration of the effects that come from a specific strain of cannabis, along with influencing the flavor and smell of the buds. To put it simply, CBD with terpenes prevent CBD strains from becoming bland and also increases the health benefits.

Hemp Terpenes.


Terpenes are important in cannabis as they help tailor the experience of CBD oil users. They also boost the effects of cannabinoids. Some of the CBD terpenes benefits are listed below:

  • Relaxation: Helping the mind and body relax is one of the most notable benefits of CBD oil with terpenes. Myrcene is a relaxant that helps the body to feel at ease as it releases tension. It also has a sedative-like effect.
  • Anti-depression and anti-anxiety: Terpenes help with anxiety and depression. Caryophyllene has an anti-anxiety and antidepressant effect on the mind. It is also a significant mood-buster. Limonene is also a powerful mood booster.
  • Aids with sleep: Linalool and caryophyllene help with insomnia. Even myrcene provides a sedative-like effect so that the body relaxes and induces sleep.

In addition, the best CBD oil with terpenes has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts energy and has antibacterial effects.

The entourage effect is another reason why terpenes are added to CBD oil. The amplification of the health benefits of each compound (terpenes and CBD oil) is referred to as the entourage effect. If you wish to know more about cannabis terpenes and their effects, you can go through our reviews. You will get an idea about the different types of terpenes and the effect that they have on CBD oil users.

How to Use CBD Terpenes?

Wondering how to use CBD terpenes? There are so many different ways that you can use it. You can cook dishes with CBD terpenes if you are not a fan of CBD oil flavor. You can even use it in the form of CBD gummies and other CBD oil products. You just have to ensure that the CBD oil product contains terpenes and for that, make sure to read the label properly. For more ideas on how to use CBD oil terpenes, you can take a look at our 'How to Use CBD?' guide. Also, peruse our list of top 10 CBD oil products that you can purchase.

So, whether you need something to help you relax or cure your insomnia, CBD oil terpene is your answer. Hopefully, our guide and reviews will help you in making the right choice. However, before you purchase CBD oil terpenes and other products, go through the status of legality in your city. Also, do not go overboard and stick to the recommended dosage.


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