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CBC Oil.

CBC oil and other CBC products have been increasing in popularity across the United States for the past three years, ever since the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp-derived products legal at the federal level. However, because it is less well-known than cannabinoids like CBD and THC, many people are still not completely sure what CBC oil is good for or how to use it, so we want to clear things up. We’ll explain the benefits, proper dosage, legality, and potential side effects of CBC oil, to catch you up to speed.

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What is CBC Oil?

CBC oil is a plant oil (usually, but not always, hemp oil) that contains a variety of cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. Cannabichromene (CBC) is the primary cannabinoid in CBC oil, but CBC oil can also contain the “full-spectrum” of hemp cannabinoids, including CBD and a very small amount of THC. CBC oil may even have terpenes included for scent and flavor.


The appropriate dosage of CBC oil depends on the person using the CBC and the ailment they are treating. In general, smaller and younger people should use smaller doses than large adults, and mild symptoms can be treated with smaller doses than severe symptoms. There is no exact dosage for CBC oil, and there is no danger from consuming a larger dose since CBC doesn’t cause any known severe side effects. You should consult your doctor and the specific product you intend to use to determine the appropriate dosage for you. It’s best to start with a small dose and work your way up if the desired effects are not achieved. In a combination product, like products that include both CBD and CBC, you may need to consider the dosage of both cannabinoids to decide how much of the product to use.

Benefits of CBC Oil

There are a ton of claims about the benefits of CBC oil, and there are cannabis products marketed towards every physical and mental ailment you could think of. Unfortunately, many of these claims are misleading or backed by insufficient evidence, but there are many genuine benefits of CBC oil:
  • Neuroprotective properties — protecting structure and function of neurons.
  • Protection against cancer — lowered risk of certain cancers.
  • Amplified effects of cannabinoids — cannabinoids like CBD may work better when used together with CBC.

State by State Legality

Hemp-derived CBC was made legal at the federal level in the United States in 2018. However, this has not stopped some states from placing their own restrictions on some hemp-based products, like CBD oil. Although CBC is less well-known than CBD and has not been targeted by as many local or state laws, you should check what is legal in your region before making any purchases.

The following states have explicitly banned the sale of some hemp-derived cannabis products:

  • Idaho
  • South Dakota
  • Nebraska

And these states have placed restrictions on the sale of hemp-derived cannabis products, such as user age, product type, and hemp source:

State and local laws regarding cannabis products are still changing, so keep an eye out for any updates on CBC laws near you.

CBC Oil Side Effects

CBC oil is very safe and well-tolerated by most people. Except for people who have a hemp allergy, CBC isn’t known to cause any severe side effects. However, some mild side effects have been reported from hemp-based products and cannabinoid products. Cannabinoids can also interfere with some prescription medications, so it’s a good idea to discuss CBC with your doctor if you currently take any medication. They will be able to advise you on what plan for CBC treatment, if any, would be safe for you.


Now that you’re better informed about what CBC does and how to use it safely and legally, you can check out our CBC product reviews to find something that fits your needs, personal preferences, and budget. We thoroughly research these reviews and update them regularly so that you always have the most current CBC product information available.


What is CBC oil?

CBC oil is a product made from hemp. Cannabidiol (CBC) is extracted from the hemp plant and then added to hemp seed oil or another carrier oil, to make it easier to use. Hemp oil is also sold on its own, without CBC, so be sure to read labels carefully to avoid confusing the two.

What is CBC oil good for?

CBC oil can be useful for many different physical and psychological problems. It is a neuroprotective compound and is commonly used by people with cancer or a high risk of cancer for a variety of reasons.

How to use CBC oil?

CBC oil can be used in lots of different ways. It can be used on its own, by placing it under the tongue, or it can be put into other products. Some people add CBC oil to food and drinks, to improve the taste. More experienced users may even put CBC oil in a vape cartridge in order to inhale it.

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