Best CBD Oil for Lyme Disease

CBD Oil for Lyme Disease.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted to humans and other animals from ticks. In fact, it is the most commonly reported tick-borne disease in the United States, with tens of thousands of cases reported to the CDC each year and an estimated 300,000 cases occurring (mostly unreported) each year. For many of these cases, CBD can be a useful treatment option.

Stages of Disease

People are at the greatest risk for contracting Lyme disease between March and May and between August and November, when ticks are more active than during other months, but there is some risk any time the temperature is above freezing. The disease progresses in three phases, causing a myriad of symptoms that can often lead to misdiagnosis. The first phase, occurring between a few days and one month after a tick bite, can involve headache, fever, and the telling “target-shaped” red lesion from the bite. The second phase occurs as the infection spreads and can cause joint disorders, cardiac disorders, neuromeningeal disorders, and various other problems. The third phase can occur years after the bite and cause skin or neurological disorders as well as post-Lyme syndrome.

In addition to making the disease difficult to diagnose, the diverse symptom possibilities mean that every individual will have a different experience, and no one treatment will work the same for everyone. However, cannabinoids like CBD are one treatment option that are likely to offer at least some relief for most people.

You may want to consider using CBD to treat Lyme disease if you are struggling with long-lasting symptoms. Our list of the top ten FatigueCBD oils for Lyme disease can help you find a product from a trusted brand.

CBD Oil for Lyme.

Things to Consider When Buying CBD Oil for Lyme Disease

Since Lyme disease is different for every individual, your treatment should be personalized to fit your symptoms. Here are a few things to consider when finding the best CBD for your Lyme disease:

  • Type of CBD - CBD oil is available as CBD isolate, broad-spectrum oil, or full-spectrum oil. The latter contains THC, the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis. Although it is not legal everywhere and requires more oversight from a doctor than CBD alone, including THC in your treatment may offer extra benefits. Many believe that using multiple cannabis compounds in conjunction with one another is more effective than using one on its own, and in severe cases of Lyme disease, THC’s more powerful effects may help with symptom relief in a way that CBD does not.
  • Other treatment - Particularly in the early stages of Lyme disease, a course of antibiotics over several weeks is critical. This will stop the disease from progressing too far or lasting longer than it needs to. CBD can treat symptoms, to the point that you feel no symptoms at all, but it isn’t a substitute for the treatments that actually stop the infection.


Lyme disease can be difficult to recognize and treat because of the wide range of side effects, but fortunately, CBD reduces or completely eliminates many of these.

  • Inflammation - Lyme disease can cause various types of inflammation, but luckily, CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation in the joints is one of the most common effects of Lyme disease, resulting in pain and stiffness, and the muscles, cardiovascular system, and nervous system can also be affected by inflammation. CBD, as well as the other cannabinoids found in broad- and full-spectrum oils, can significantly reduce such inflammation.
  • Nausea - Nausea, dizziness, and vomiting are commonly seen together in people with Lyme disease. When this becomes a chronic issue, it can cause additional problems and greatly affect the quality of life. In many people, CBD helps to reduce nausea and make such situations bearable. Incidentally, this is why CBD has become so popular among chemotherapy patients who experience chronic nausea as a result of their treatment.
  • Fatigue - The pain, nausea, and other symptoms of Lyme disease can make it difficult for patients to sleep well and generally cause increased fatigue. Fortunately, CBD makes it easier for many people to relax and get quality sleep.

CBD Oil for Lyme Disease.

How to Take CBD Oil for Lyme Disease

There’s no doubt as to the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment for Lyme disease symptoms, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind before you get too excited about it all:

  1. It’s not legal everywhere. Many states and countries have recently legalized the use of CBD, with more likely to do so in the near future, but some places still do not allow it. You shouldn’t risk legal consequences for a supplementary treatment, so make sure CBD is allowed where you live before using it for Lyme disease.
  2. It’s not a cure. CBD is definitely a miracle treatment for many people plagued with long-lasting symptoms of Lyme disease, but it isn’t a cure for the infection. It’s important to use it alongside oral antibiotics or whatever other treatment is recommended by a doctor so that you treat the cause as well as the symptoms.
  3. The best treatment is prevention. If you haven’t contracted Lyme disease yet, or if you want to avoid a repeat infection in the future, then you should be thinking about prevention more than treatment. Use bug repellants when you go outdoors and check yourself for ticks after coming in, especially during tick season, to avoid infection. (If you have pets, it’s a good idea to check your furry friends, as well; they can get Lyme disease, too!)
  4. Consult your doctor. CBD is a safe treatment that can greatly improve the symptoms of Lyme disease, but your doctor will be able to advise you on the most appropriate way to use it. This will remove the risk of interactions with other medications or conditions that you may have.


Lyme disease is a fully preventable and curable condition, but it often goes unnoticed until serious symptoms have already appeared. Although it’s best to check for ticks and treat an infection with antibiotics as soon as it’s noticed, there is still plenty you can do if you discover that you have Lyme disease after it has spread. One of the most effective treatments for the symptoms of Lyme disease is CBD.

CBD can reduce the pain, inflammation, fever, nausea, and many other common symptoms experienced by people with Lyme disease. Consult with your doctor to be sure that you are treating the infection safely and in a way that will cure the condition instead of just hiding the symptoms. When you have found a safe and appropriate treatment plan, you can use our list of the best CBD products to find something that will improve your symptoms.

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