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CBD for Seniors

Cbd Oil For Seniors.

CBD is becoming increasingly popular each year. This is due to its several health benefits; these include help with pain, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, etc.

Additionally, CBD can help with addictions to opioid compounds and even the intoxicating effect of marijuana.

Therefore, CBD is great for seniors with unique needs as they age. Additionally, since CBD is non-addictive, it is a good substitute for many seniors’ drugs, such as sleeping pills and painkillers that can become addictive or have side effects.

CBD is present in cannabis as well as the closely related hemp plant. In cannabis, It is found in tandem with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and many other chemicals. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient of cannabis that causes the high when you ingest cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t cause intoxication; it instead combats the intoxicating effect of THC.

In hemp, cannabidiol is found in large amounts and without tetrahydrocannabinol. Most of the cannabidiol (CBD) used industrially to produce CBD products are hemp extracts.

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CBD Types & Forms for Seniors

CBD comes in different types, which includes:

  • Full Spectrum: This category of CBD contains all the components of the cannabis plant, including THC, which is usually less than 0.3%.
  • Broad Spectrum: This category of CBD contains all the components of marijuana except THC.
  • CBD isolate: This is CBD in its purest form without other constituents of marijuana.

It is critical to keep track of the type you consume, as different varieties have distinct impacts on various conditions. For example, some study suggests that when cannabis plant ingredients like CBD, THC, terpenes, and flavonoids are ingested combined, they perform more successfully in treating diseases such as arthritis, pain, inflammation, and anxiety. This is known as the entourage effect. As a result of the findings of these studies, one may decide to go for full-spectrum CBD.

CBD comes in different forms: CBD oil, edibles, gummies, topicals such as creams, lotions, balms, ointments, etc. These forms are notably safer forms of CBD for seniors because conventional forms like smoking may cause serious health issues or worsen already present health problems.

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CBD Benefits for Seniors

There are several CBD benefits for seniors; some significant benefits include:

  • Pain relief: Since CBD is non-habit-forming, it is a great and effective painkiller. CBD can relieve pain up to 30% more than standard pain medication or prescribed marijuana alone.
  • Bone health: As people get older, their bones become fragile and vulnerable to breakage and other diseases. Research shows that CBD can help heal fractures and support healthy bones. It helps treat sclerosis.
  • Neurodegenerative disorder: Some studies support the claim that CBD is helpful in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Caused due to the loss of neurons in the different parts of the nervous system, neurodegenerative diseases, in turn, lead to the deterioration of cognitive and motor functions. A classic mechanism through which CBD helps treat neurodegenerative disorders is restoring the balance between oxidative events and endogenous antioxidant mechanisms. This process thus enhances the ability of the neurons to survive longer.
  • Insomnia: As people age, there is a change in sleep pattern: people find it harder to sleep and may wake up several times within the night. Also, conditions such as anxiety, discomfort, and pain due to chronic illnesses associated with old age may lead to sleep deprivation.
  • Regular sleeping pills may work for a while, but they are addictive, lead to dependency, and eventually worsen sleep quality. However, CBD can help relax the body and reduce anxiety. Thus, improving the quality of sleep. An added advantage is that CBD is non-addictive and doesn’t cause dependency.
  • Appetite stimulation: A common concern for seniors is the loss of appetite as they age. This can result in malnutrition, weight loss, deterioration of the muscles and tissues, and further complicate other health issues they may suffer from. CBD improves the appetite of seniors considerably.
  • Heart health: Heart disease is a prominent cause of death in older people. A lot of heart diseases are due to high blood pressure. CBD can treat high blood pressure. Furthermore, it has fewer side effects than traditional blood pressure-reducing medications since it is natural. Also, it has antioxidant properties that s help reduce inflammation in the heart and prevent the death of cardiac cells through oxidative stress.
  • Arthritis: is CBD for arthritis in seniors a great idea? To answer simply, yes, using CBD for arthritis in seniors is a great idea. Studies show that CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate the pain caused by arthritis. However, many of these studies have been carried out only in the laboratory, without clinical testing. Regardless, many seniors have claimed relief from arthritis after using CBD products.

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Even though CBD continues to see more popularity, with lots of seniors reporting the health benefits they have experienced from using it, there is a lot of unknown regarding the functionality of CBD seniors. However, researchers continue to study CBD to know more about its benefits, mode of operation, the best forms, and dosage. Hopefully, there will be a significant breakthrough shortly.

On the other hand, cannabis has more extensive research, and the health benefits are more understood than that of CBD. Therefore, if possible, THC, the intoxicating component of cannabis, is not a problem; seniors may benefit more from ingesting cannabis.


Is CBD oil good for Seniors?

Yes. Studies have shown that CBD oil can offer relief to seniors suffering from pain caused by arthritis and other bone and joint-related concerns. Also, CBD reduces bone inflammation, encourages the repair of bone cells, and speeds up the healing process of fractured bones.

Is CBD oil safe for Seniors?

Yes, CBD is safe for seniors. Unlike traditional medicines used for pain relief and bone-related issues, CBD has fewer side effects and is safer than these conventional medications. However, there are lots of counterfeit CBD products available in the market. This is because there are no regulations to control the manufacture of these products. Thus, only buy naturally manufactured hemp products when buying CBD oil. Also, buy only those that have gone through testing by a third party.

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