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CBD Water

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CBD is available in many different forms, and you have probably already heard of CBD oil or CBD edibles like gummies. What you may not have realized until now is that you can get CBD in beverage form. You can get CBD tea and CBD in water. To discover more about what CBD water is and how it may be useful, please read further.

What is CBD Water?

CBD water is water to which CBD has been added. Since CBD is a fatty substance, it does not simply dissolve in water. Fats and oils specifically repel water at a molecular level which presents a big challenge if you are trying to add something like CBD to water.

The oily droplets of CBD simply clump together and don’t integrate properly with the individual water molecules.

This problem had implications for people interested in manufacturing CBD water. In the end, nanotechnology was used to break apart the clumps of CBD molecules and allow them to properly dissolve in water to make what is known as CBD-infused water.

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CBD Water Benefits

There are some definite benefits to taking in CBD by drinking CBD-infused water. Before we get into a discussion on how drinking CBD water can be healthy for you, we will first mention why CBD in water form may be better, in some cases, when compared with CBD oil.

  • CBD in water may have greater bioavailability. This means that your body may more easily and quickly absorb the water and thus, allow you to feel the effects of CBD much faster. It may also mean that you absorb more CBD compared with if it is in a different form, like oil.
  • CBD water is convenient

CBD in a liquid form that you can simply drink, is convenient. It is easier and less messy than consuming edibles. It is easy to carry the water with you and may even be helpful for people who are having problems swallowing food.

CBD Water Health Benefits

CBD in water is useful for helping with a range of health problems. We know from research that CBD has both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-oxidant properties

Anti-oxidants are substances like vitamins and plant compounds that help protect our cells from damage by rendering harmful chemicals harmless. They help fix damage from cell reactions and even from chemical exposure in the environment. Since CBD is an anti-oxidant, it can help us to stay healthy as a result.

Anti-inflammatory properties

One of the most beneficial aspects of CBD is that it helps with excessive inflammation in the body. Inflammation happens when your immune system reacts to something. In small amounts, this is good for us because it protects our bodies.

However, too much inflammation spells big trouble! Many diseases today are now believed to be closely linked to excess inflammation, which causes damage.

Inflammatory responses are linked to chronic and acute diseases of the cardiovascular system and even the digestive system. Avoiding too much inflammation is therefore important in helping you to stay healthy.

Helps prevent dehydration during exercise

Exercise is important in keeping us healthy, but it is very easy to get dehydrated if we are not careful, particularly if we exercise in hot weather. CBD water has the advantage of helping you stay hydrated because of the water content and then the CBD content is beneficial in reducing inflammation and the pain of sore muscles and joints.

Help for migraines and headaches

There are many types of headaches and migraines, but what they all have in common is being very disabling. Migraines, in particular, are a big problem to treat if they are chronic, so it is much better to prevent them from happening in the first place.

If you are dehydrated you are more likely to have a migraine. CBD water is useful because the water helps prevent dehydration and the CBD helps the inflammation. Besides this, the CBD in the water also helps relieve any pain that is associated with migraines or even headaches associated with the sinuses.

Helps with anxiety and worry

CBD is useful in helping keep people calm. Many of us have stressful and fast-paced lives and anxiety can be overwhelming at times. CBD water gives us a quick and convenient way to not only make sure we are drinking lots of water but also to take in some CBD to help keep us in a more relaxed state of mind. This can also help you to sleep if worrying is what is keeping you awake at night.

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What to Consider When Buying CBD Water

The CBD content in the water may vary quite a bit and you need to check that your CBD water is being bought from a reputable supplier.

It is also important that you understand that CBD water is generally available at a much lower dose of CBD compared with some of the other products such as CBD oil.

This may be a disadvantage or an advantage depending on how you look at it.

For some individuals, a higher dose or strength of CBD may be needed.

  • It may be good to consider buying CBD water if you have never used CBD before or if you want to just use a low concentration.
  • A lower concentration of CBD is good to start with because there can be side effects. You can always then scale up to a higher dose of CBD and choose a more potent form of the CBD.

Choosing and Storing the CBD Water

It is also important to note that CBD in water can break down easily if it is placed in sunlight or if the container is left open.

It is, thus, a good idea to keep this in mind when choosing your water. Even after the purchase, keep your container closed and out of direct sunlight so it does not quickly degrade and lose potency.

Reviews and Costs of CBD Water

You should look at a CBD water review before deciding to buy a product from a certain company. Generally, disreputable companies will not have good reviews.

Reading reviews and also recommendations from friends can help you find and buy the best CBD water for your needs. You can also look at our top picks to help you find the most suitable option for yourself when it comes to selecting CBD water.

CBD water is sometimes more expensive than buying CBD oil but may be worth it if you want a very fast-acting CBD that is also low dose.

Conclusion: Reasons to Use CBD Water

CBD water is a quick way to take in CBD since the substance is easily absorbed in your gut. This means it is more bioavailable than CBD in oil form and you are very likely to experience the positive benefits quickly.

You can use CBD water to help protect your health and to decrease excess inflammation that leads to illness. CBD water also helps prevent you getting dehydrated and is useful for those who suffer from headaches or migraines.


What is CBD Water?

A self-explanatory term, CBD water is simply the water that is infused with high-quality CBD extracts from hemp plants. The mineral water infused with CBD has magnificently changed the way how CBD can be consumed easily.

We often tend to forget sipping an adequate amount of water throughout our day which leads to one or the other health issues.

Will CBD Water Make you High?

The answer to this is No. CBD won’t make you fall into that mind-altering state, so without any fear, you can go for CBD water. CBD won’t create any buzzy effect as seen with other components of the same plant and this is why CBD is preferred over any other substance.

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