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CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks.

Ask a fitness freak, with no surprise, you are sure to find honey in their diet and fitness regime. And that’s how popular honey is! Since there has been a huge shift of people towards the fitness industry, there are infinite health and fitness products available in the market to boost your energy levels and one such product has aced the market – it is the CBD Honey Stick. This is by far the most delicious and indeed sweet combination that falls under the category of CBD-based products.

3 Best CBD Honey Sticks in 2024

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CBD Isolate CBD Honey Bear.
CBD Isolate CBD Honey Bear
Key Facts: With 1500mg of CBD Isolate
Total CBD: 1500 mg
Strength: 187.50 mg/oz
Volume: 8 oz
Ingredients: Honey, Hemp Extract
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Full-Spectrum CBD Honey Bear.
Full-Spectrum CBD Honey Bear
Key Facts: With 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD
Total CBD: 1000 mg
Strength: 125.00 mg/oz
Volume: 8 oz
Ingredients: Honey, Hemp Extract
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Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Honey Bear.
Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Honey Bear
Key Facts: With 600mg of Delta-8 THC
Total CBD: 600 mg
Strength: 75.00 mg/oz
Volume: 8 oz
Ingredients: Honey, Hemp Extract
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What is CBD Honey Stick?

The miraculous healing properties of honey are believed to ease the digestive system, regulate the blood sugar level, lowers blood pressure, improve cholesterol, soothe a sore throat, and reduce cough too, not just this, the antibacterial properties have always aced the race in bringing forth optimum health benefits to everyone. It is evident that how honey proves to be extremely beneficial for health but how about trying out a combination that includes CBD too? Seems interesting, isn’t it? There is no going back, once you try CBD infused Honey Sticks.

So, as the name is self-explanatory, the CBD honey stick is simply raw or processed honey combined with CBD and packed in the form of a hardened stick that makes it completely convenient and easy to carry anywhere. It is a simple and discreet way of consuming CBD. These honey sticks are tube-like casings filled with pure honey and CBD. It is a perfect pick-me-up stick that has made its way to our hands in no time. One of the most important reasons, why there is a huge fan base for CBD honey sticks, is that it is for everyone and specifically for those who don’t want to get on CBD vape, cigarettes, or pens, rather want to have CBD orally without inhaling the smoke.

CBD Honey Sticks Flavors.

Treatment for Anxiety and Pain

Enjoy the goodness of honey with a dash of CBD. The blissful combination of Honey and CBD offers an array of benefits. Apart from tasting great, honey when infused with CBD helps in keeping away nervousness and anxiety. It also helps in alleviating pain, thus making you feel relaxed from the everyday stress.

CBD Honey For Boosting Energy

A jolt of energy plunges down your body upon the consumption of CBD-infused honey. This combination tends to boost your energy level and the extended effects make you feel energized throughout the day. It helps to create a complete body balance. CBD Honey sticks help you rejuvenate on the go! Wherever you go, just carry your sticks with you. It is like a sweet treat that benefits you and helps you achieve your fitness goals too.

You will Sleep Better

Natural CBD-based honey stick has the taste of raw honey and a hint of hemp extracts, which helps in restoring your natural sleep patterns. It makes you feel relaxed before bedtime and ultimately helps in achieving a better sleep quality while keeping away everyday frustrations and tensions.

CBD Honey Sticks with Antioxidants

High-quality honey is always enriched with antioxidants inclusive of flavonoids, organic acids, and varied other components that contribute to making honey one of the most demanded products, and when combined with CBD, helps in treating sore throat and also suppresses cough.

CBD Honey Sticks Original Flavor.

Portable CBD Straws

Since CBD-infused honey is available in an easy to carry casings, just like straws you can just carry the sticks in your purse, backpack, or handbag for on-the-go use. It is one of the easiest ways and rather most convenient for those who travel a lot and tends to incorporate CBD-based products in their routine. CBD honey sticks are delicious offerings that look similar to that of straws and thus, the nickname honey straws since it tends to work just like a straw.

CBD enthusiasts and fitness freaks have found this the best and one of the suitable ways in which CBD can be consumed discreetly. This lovely and sweet treat also makes a perfect and extremely affordable alternative to CBD-based food products, drinks, vapes, pure oil, and tinctures. You don’t need to bother about making huge space for these straw-like honey-filled casings, just as you would have made for other CBD products. Carry the hemp honey sticks when heading out for vacations, road trips, or carrying while enjoying different outdoor activities.

More choices available

Hemp CBD Honey Sticks at Home

Yes, you can simply make CBD-infused honey at home too. But you must to remember that it can be dangerous for your health! This would require you to have CBD isolate, a double boiler, a glass jar, and honey. The quantity of CBD and honey can vary as per your preference. You can either use CBD isolate directly to the honey or there is another method of using hemp flower, which might take time. Simply start by combining CBD isolate and honey in the double boiler and heat it on a lower flame. Keep stirring it until both, CBD and honey dissolves completely. Once done, you can transfer it to the jar for storage. And just when you have prepared your own CBD honey, you can pour it in any casing of your choice to carry it anywhere easily. Hard casings are available that can be used to pour CBD honey. Of course, the quality of the honey will be very different from what you buy at the store.

Gold CBD Honey Stix.

CBD Concentration Level

Let your taste buds dance to the beats of CBD. Now, when you are well aware of what CBD Honey sticks are. There is another aspect of consuming CBD-infused honey and that is the concentration level. Many people tend to forget about keeping a check on the concentration level of CBD. But if you are someone new to CBD, then it is always recommended to start with a minimum dose of CBD and get familiar with how your body is reacting to it. Thereafter you can increase or decrease the dosage, as per your need and requirements. If you do not wish to ingest it directly, you can simply drizzle the honey over your salad, yogurt, or cornflakes.

Using CBD Honey Sticks

Just as how simple, convenient to carry the sticks are, using the Honey sticks is equally simple and requires no special techniques.

  • Now, if this is going to be the first time trying out the Honey stick, then you got to simply hold it straight in your hand bite it off, or rather you can cut it from either end of the tube.
  • Now, simply suck the CBD honey and feel the goodness. This can be poured directly into your mouth, so, zero wastage. Yes, it’s that simple!
  • You can hold the honey in your mouth, similarly how a CBD oil or tincture is consumed sublingually. No need for any complex device to get the honey out of it.
  • And yes, the casing is extremely reliable it won’t spill or leak unless you bite it or cut.
  • The sticks are hardened enough to bear the pressure, so be assured about the casing, you can keep it anywhere.

Will CBD Honey Sticks Get You High?

This question is sure to arise in your mind if you are a newbie, but those who are familiar with CBD-based products and those who might have gathered some information about CBD, know that CBD won’t get you high while giving you all the health benefits too! This is the reason why CBD-based products have made their way to the fitness industry and why people are not hesitant about adding it to their fitness routine too.

There is a no-to-minimum amount of THC present in the CBD-based products, but don’t fret about it, this is not going to let you fall into the mind-altered state. CBD is extremely beneficial for health and so, you can consume without having any fear of becoming a CBD addict.

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