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A large section of society is immensely exposed to tobacco cigarettes and once you are on it, it seems like no going back. Though for some people, lighting up a cigarette and inhaling the smoke feels more attractive, but that attraction is what turns into an addiction sooner or later. Being a chain smoker or a habitual smoker, have you ever found an alternative to cigarettes that satisfies your tobacco cravings without even realizing that you are smoking something other than the regular tobacco? If not, then here is the answer. CBD Cigarettes that falls under the category of CBD products. Have you heard about it? No? Let’s just have a look at what CBD Cigarettes are?

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Cannabidiol Life CBD cigarettes.
Cannabidiol Life CBD cigarettes
Flavors: Natural Hemp, Menthol, Pineapple, Sweet
Ingredients: Industrial Hemp Flower (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, <0.3% THC)
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What are CBD Cigarettes?

Indulge yourself in the calming effect and experience a similar form factor with CBD Cigarette that makes a perfect smokable alternative to the regular tobacco cigarettes. Though all the cigarettes have gained popularity, but CBD hemp cigarettes have grabbed the top position. Just as the normal tobacco cigarettes, these too use the same filters, but have got the smokable hemp inside it; these are made with high CBD strains or the industrial hemp. Don’t worry these cigarettes have extremely low amounts of THC that won’t cause any intoxication. CBD cigarettes help you to get rid of your tobacco cigarette smoking habit. You might find this surprising, but it is true to an extent. Your nicotine cravings will fall off drastically and this is how hemp cigarette helps to lower down your tobacco cigarette sessions.

What’s Inside?

You won’t find any kind of chemicals or even nasty additives, just like those of tobacco cigarettes have. CBD cigarettes are only decked up with natural and grounded hemp flowers that are also containing different cannabinoids, which include CBC, CBN, and CBG (though in an extremely small consumable concentration). The CBD flowers have extremely aromatic and flavorful compounds that make the cigarettes taste and smell delicious. In case you open up the cigarette, then don’t expect the bright green stuff, you will see the cigarette with industrial hemp that looks extremely similar to tobacco but it has a slightly green and golden-brown hue. The hemp won’t look that good, but it is going to get the job done.

Smokable CBD

CBD cigarette seems like a perfect option for those seeking a smokable CBD with a perfect amount of CBD that helps to maintain a consistency of the dosage, not too high and not too low. Not just this, one of the most important factors, just like those tobacco cigarettes, the CBD cigarettes are extremely convenient to carry on-the-go. CBD Cigarettes are also available in organized pack.

CBD Cigarettes Pack.

CBD Inhalation for Immediate Effect

Considering there are numerous ways in which one can consume CBD, the best possible way that leaves you with immediate effect is inhalation, i.e. smoking that seems to be the most effective and quick way to consume CBD. The effect is felt immediately. It is one of the fastest ways to experience CBD and travels way too faster upon inhalation. The body tends to absorb CBD at a much faster rate and this is due to the high bioavailability of CBD. While CBD (same amount of hemp flower), when consumed via food, has shown the lowest bioavailability rates.

Absence of Nicotine

Active smokers are well-aware of the presence of nicotine level that is present in a cigarette and how harmful it becomes on regular consumption, despite knowing this, people still develop a habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine, even if combined with different substances proves to be extremely harmful and can cause causes oxidative stress, reduces blood flow, and should be avoided. While on the other hand, though there is some stimulating substance in every cigarette, a CBD cigarette contains terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, but not nicotine; these components act as antioxidants, works together to prove beneficial.

Cigarettes without THC

While everyone knows that tobacco cigarettes are highly addictive since they contain nicotine that gradually induces chemical dependence and arouses the urge to have frequently smoked every day. Irritability, nausea, and varied other uncomfortable symptoms are seen when someone tries to get rid of nicotine. Someone who has switched to CBD, won’t feel the same, the reason being, it is not at all addictive. Though in comparison to nicotine, THC is considerably less harmful, CBD shows no psychological or chemical dependency on anyone. Someone who is an active tobacco smoker is driven by the chemical dependency that is induced by nicotine. While on the other hand, when someone has switched to CBD Cigarette, there are the same form factor, motions, and actions that can help get rid of smoking tobacco. Smoking CBD helps you get psychological satisfaction and that too without making you feel buzzy or high.

Non-Intoxicating CBD

You undoubtedly consider switching to CBD Cigarettes and they won’t make you high. These are non-addictive and thus, this helps to ditch smoking tobacco cigarettes easily. The hemp flowers are found to be extremely rich in CBD and thus, leave no negative psychoactive effects, rather give you a calming sensation upon ingestion. It won’t leave you feeling stoned. There are no added chemicals in the CBD cigarette and offer you the completely natural flavor of CBD with its optimum health benefits. It can be considered as the natural alternative to tobacco cigarettes that makes you feel energetic rather than lethargic and foggy.

Best CBD Cigarettes.

Help for Sleep

Nicotine has stimulation substances that leave you feeling completely dependent on it. While CBD cigarettes do have substances but not addictive just like tobacco cigarettes. Rather, switching on to CBD Cigarette will give you a soothing enjoyable feeling and that helps you hit the sack easily. Having CBD won’t leave any psychoactive effects on you and supports to achieve natural sleep patterns.

Amazing Taste and Smell

Tobacco smokers are often easily identified as soon as they come in contact with anyone, because it releases an acrid and a very overpowering odor, apart from sticking to your skin and clothes too. Thus, you carry that stale and unappealing odor with you after smoking tobacco. The same goes for the taste, tobacco cigarettes don’t taste good. While if we consider hemp cigarettes, it contains aromatic oils including terpenes and flavonoids that are flavorful, which also makes the hemp delicious. Cannabis sativa smoke doesn’t carry that foul smell like that of tobacco.

More choices available

Treatment for Anxiety

If you have been smoking for quite a long time, you must be aware of the fact that tobacco smoking is the hardest habit that takes a lot of courage and self-discipline to kick out. If you have recently started smoking, then the urge to smoke another cigarette is uncontrollable and even if you have thought of quitting your smoking habits, there will always be an urge to pick up smoke in stress, under pressure, or anxiety.

Tobacco cigarettes not just contain Nicotine, but other addictive substances that make our conscious and unconscious mind trapped in the feeling of dependency and that too very quickly. While if we consider CBD hemp cigarettes, there seem no added components or any addictive ingredients, which makes it safer than those of Tobacco cigarettes. CBD cigarettes make the best and the quickest way to utilize the benefits of CBD and that too without getting addicted to it. Smoking CBD causes the CBD molecules to enter the bloodstream rapidly and directly, unlike any other CBD products that take time to enter the bloodstream. This leads to rapid absorption that helps you with excessive nervousness and anxiety.

CBD Cigarettes for Inflammation

CBD is the non-psychoactive, and fast-acting component helps to support the healthy inflammatory function of the body and assists the active chain smokers to quit regular tobacco cigarettes. It helps to deal with chronic inflammation that can lead to stiffness and joint pains. CBD Cigarette makes a perfect alternative to quit smoking tobacco-based cigarettes that seem more harmful and addictive and creates a dependency without even realizing us and the habits lead to some of the other health issues.

Calming of Smoking

People are often seen dealing with everyday stress that has seriously hampered their health and made them feel more lethargic, which sometimes leads to frustration and mood swings throughout the day. But CBD, which is a calming cannabinoid, has shown great results in making you feel calmer. It has negligible traces of THC that makes it ideal to smoke. So, rather than feeling stoned, you will feel more relaxed.

Mint Flavored Cigarettes

Now, after the pure CBD Cigarettes, get your hands on the mint-flavored CBD pre-rolled smokes that are sure to restore you and leave you feeling more refreshing. With all the natural herbs, a dash of mint that will keep you cool and calm for a longer duration. Cannabis CBD cigarettes are calming, relaxing, and contain raw CBD components that are not addictive, and tastes way more delicious than those of your regular tobacco cigarettes.


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