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CBD Cigarettes

Three types of cbd cigarettes.

There are so many benefits of CBD in the world today. Some of the benefits include reducing pain and inflammation, helping with sleep ad sleep-related problems, or even keeping the body active and focused throughout the day. And the fastest way to ingest all these benefits is through smoking. Smoking CBD gets the constituent into your body much faster than any other method of ingestion. And the more popular CBD gets, the more famous its cigarettes too get.

It is also important to pay attention to what kind of CBD Cigarettes you ingest so that you don’t increase the risks over the benefits. It’s also so that you don’t take in THC with CBD. This guide will tell you what CBD cigarettes are as well as THC, the benefits of CBD, and what to consider before buying. Here is our table with the top picks of CBD cigarettes. Be sure to check them out when you are done with the guide - don’t worry. We’ll remind you.

What are CBD Cigarettes?

Regular cannabis cigarettes are made from dried and fermented tobacco leaves and they are rolled with a non-tobacco material like paper. CBD cigarette can also be rolled with paper, but it is not made from tobacco leaves or marijuana neither do they make you high.

CBD cigarette is filled with specially-grown hemp that contains little or no THC. THC is the substance (chemical component) in hemp that makes one high, while CBD is short for cannabidiol and is another one of the major chemical components found in hemp. CBD hemp cigarettes are legal in some states and completely banned from others. And this confusion of legal status is due to some CBD products that contain some amount of THC.

Hemp Cigarettes are usually smoked by people that understand the benefits and wish to gain from them, but it is worth knowing that CBD smokes can cause mild irritation to your lungs.

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CBD Cigarettes Benefits

Hemp CBD cigarettes have many benefits (similar to CBD). But because cigarettes release the constituents of CBD in form of gas, the body will quickly metabolize the benefits almost immediately. So below are the uses of CBD cigarettes:

  • Treats Depression: CBD is one of the major compounds found in hemp and it contains some chemical substances that connect with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors work as enzymes in the body and they help to keep the body in balance (homeostasis). This includes maintaining a proper sleep cycle, aiding digestion and quick metabolism, as well as boosting mood. So you could say smoking CBD cigarettes work better than coffee.
  • Helps with Chronic pain: Another benefit of smoking CBD oil is that it helps with chronic pain. CBD works to relieve the pain of the body from headache to joint ache. However, consult your doctor first before using it for any of these symptoms. This is because CBD usually interacts with other drugs especially for pregnant women and single moms.
  • Decreases anxiety: Similar to boosting mood, it also helps with anxious minds. When you take CBD, stress, and anxiety would be long gone. It also assists the body to maintain a proper sleep cycle so that the body would be well-rested for work the next day.
  • Has calming effects: Many people have been opting for marijuana or tobacco to feel more relaxed. But the result at the end of the day is an anxious and paranoid mind. With hemp CBD cigarettes, the mind would be more relaxed because it interacts with GABA in the brain. (PS: GABA is a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps with calmness).
  • Helps with cigarette and tobacco addiction: Finally, this is a better alternative for those that wish to stop smoking nicotine, tobacco, or marijuana. And the best thing about it is that it doesn't feel like a total stop. The cigarettes look the same, the content is the different one. And the best thing about it is that you cannot get addicted to CBD or CBD cigarettes.

Pros and Cons of CBD Hemp Cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes are not for everyone. Some people cannot smoke hemp cigarettes for many reasons. Here are the simple, detailed/highlighted pros and cons of the hemp cigarettes:


The following are the things that make hemp cigarettes desirable:

  • It has a rapid effect.
  • Non-intoxicating.
  • Helps with healthy, natural vaping.
  • Great taste.
  • Alternative for addictive nicotine smokers.
  • Supports pain and inflammation.
  • Promotes calmness.


The following are the things that are not so desirable about CBD cigarettes:

  • Cannot be smoked by those who have lung-related diseases.
  • Can cause mild lung irritation.
  • Is expensive.
  • Smells like actual cigarettes and sticks to your clothes and hands.
  • Cannot be smoked everywhere because of legal status irregularities.
  • Might fail a drug test.

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What to Consider When Buying CBD Cigarettes

See this as a buying guide. Making the right choice when buying CBD Cigarettes comes down to what you know before you hit the market. The best CBD cigarette isn’t the one from the most popular brand nor is it the one that costs the highest. Here are the things that can guide you into picking your CBD cigarettes pack.

Decide why you want to buy it

We have already mentioned the five benefits of CBD cigarettes and it goes from being calm to relieving pain or improving mood. So whatever your reason is for smoking CBD hemp, it needs to be stated beforehand. Deciding why you need a CBD cigarette would also help you know whether or not cigarettes are the best form to take in CBD.

Check for the amount of THC

Since you already know what you need it for, you’ll know how much THC you can allow. For those that need to relax, a little THC does not harm. But Athletes (for example) that might want to relieve their muscle pain after training need no THC. Those that want to travel by air would also need to pass a drug test and hence require no THC.

Be sure your state allows it

CBD is not allowed in all the states of the U.S. In some states, CBD is illegal, for others, it is legislated, while some states allow other CBD products but make it illegal to sell or inhale smokeable CBD oil. So, at the end of the day, it is better to check with your state laws and make sure you are allowed to have CBD or smoke it even.

Look out for propylene glycerol in vape pens

This substance is a solvent and when it gets heated, it can irritate the eyes and nose. It can also increase the risk of cancer and/or asthma.


Hemp CBD cigarettes can be a great addition to your morning and nighttime routine because it helps you relax, eliminate stress & anxiety, and promotes calmness of the nerves. It is also known to be good for relieving both mild and chronic pain. However, be sure to consult a professional to know if you can use CBD cigarettes because it interacts with other drugs and might not be safe for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women. Remember to check out our top picks of the best CBD cigarettes to get started if you haven’t.


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